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Apples to Bloodstains

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When my paint collection has gotten out of hand, I sometimes go through and cull colors that seem to be the same -- or at least close enough to the same that my less-than-perfect eye for color can't tell the difference. 


I wonder, though, if it's possible to get to the same end color (visually) but with a different mix of pigments. Can it be that two colors LOOK the same, but that the pigments used to create them make them behave differently when more experienced/creative painters than myself do stuff with them?


I honestly don't know the answer to this. 

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With darker colours in particular, colours can look pretty similar at out of the bottle strength. You can spot differences more easily by thinning the paint out and painting a bit on white paper, or mixing in a little white. If I compare the thinned out versions of Gothic Crimson and Necromancer Purple they're still very similar. Necromancer Purple looks to have a touch more magenta, whereas Gothic Crimson looks just a hair more red.

It is possible to mix the same colour from a variety of different pigments. There are also colours you can't mix an exact match to at all without using particular pigments.

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