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Ral Partha Planescape Molydeus, sculpted by Jim Johnson and being used in a charity auction


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Hi all you fine Reaper folk and folkette!  


So this next miniature, which I finished up a few days ago, I've actually painted with a special purpose in mind.  Melissa Noe, the wife of Mike Noe, the president and one of the owners of Iron Wind Metals, which was formerly as many of you know Ral Partha, has come down with brain and lung cancer, and with all the medical treatment comes a large amount of medical bills.


A GoFundMe.com page was set up, which I'll put here, hopefully not violating any forum rules, where if anybody was interested, they could certainly donate.


Mike and Melissa Noe Go Fund Me


I myself am not much in a position where I can just send cash, but it did occur to me that if I was to paint the proper miniature and threw it up on auction on EBay, maybe I could raise some money this way and send it over to Mike and Melissa, two very kind persons that I've worked with and collaborated with over the years, visiting  a number of occasions their factory, doing some little projects for them, and doing a lot of painting for their web page.  You can easily find him out there on EBay with the key words Ral Partha Molydeus .


So when I chose this miniature, I went for something that I thought would be rare enough, and "impressive" enough, to hopefully generate some interest. Over the years I've seen this piece on EBay for crazy amounts so figured he'd be a good candidate.   So with that in mind, behold Molydeus, sculpted by Jim Johnson for Ral Partha's TSR Planescape line back in the nineties.  There apparently aren't that many of him around any more, so I'm hoping that a few people might fancy the idea of having one of the few hanging out there, complete and in my super humble opinion decently painted.



He's on a ten day auction, and whatever money is made from his sale will go directly to Mike and Melissa to help cover their medical bills that have been slowly accumulating.  


Even if the auction itself doesn't interest you, please take the time to go over to Mike and Melissa's Go Fund Me page, and if the spirit strikes. you, any donation that you could send them would certainly help them out.


So with that I shall close, hope you all enjoy, thank you very much for reading this, and we'll see how this all goes in ten days time!





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7 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

A noble enterprise.  Good luck on a stellar auction.  I might suggest also contacting Noble Knight Games.  I hear they buy old D&D stuff to resell.  But they are also stocking an RPG museum. Perhaps they would be interested.

Thanks Darcstaar, I'll definitely send them a note!

4 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

A noble cause!


A very cool sculpt!


As for the painting:




Thank you Mr. Burns!

49 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

You've done a wonderful job painting a very cool figure; I hope the auction is highly successful!

Thanks Chaoswolf, crossing my fingers!

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3 hours ago, Rigel said:

Beautiful painting on a great sculpt! I hope it raises a lot of money. Fingers crossed for Melissa.

Also...wait, Mike Noe, as in 50047, Biker Boss? Is that a portrait?! Learn something new every day. 

Yup, this guy:





 Quite a reasonable likeness!



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