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Wedding Anniversary Present or Five Years and Going Strong

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I haven't been at the painting desk very much lately. This was largely due to winter preparations that I'd gotten behind on. At the end of a long the day it was less taxing to simply watch a movie or even read a bit instead. Add to that a bit of project fatigue and what should have been a short break turned into a long one. 


Tonight however I finally got back to the desk by starting a new project. Quite awhile ago I came up with a basic idea for a small diorama that I'd give to my wife this year. This isn't meant to be the main gift by any means (I'll still find something more traditional as well) but I thought this would be right up her alley. Simply put this will be a D&D esque recreation of my proposal. Thanks in part to over buying and spotting a certain miniature during the last Box of Goodwill I even had the perfect miniatures. 


I spent tonight building up the diorama's base and test fitting models. The actual building seemed to go by quite quickly, I certainly didn't expect to be this far already.


Though everything still needs painted seeing it like this only reaffirms my belief that the wife will love it. Something simple to put on a shelf or on her work desk to remind her of our years and adventures together, afterall our weekly D&D game was a big part of our early relationship. 

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Not too much progress tonight as I mostly just wanted to sling some paint and see how much muscle memory I lost. For not holding a brush in so long I'm actually pretty happy with how easily I got back into it. I'm certainly not where I was, but I didn't lose as much as I expected.


Though my model was locked in from the start I actually have two different options for my wife's figure. I had hoped that painting them would make the choice easier but it looks like that is not the case. Even this early in the painting it looks like I'll just have to make a decision myself.


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A new house repair project made itself known almost immediately after starting this project. Taking a few days, I've almost fixed everything but I've still got a long weekend ahead. So tonight I wanted to at least make a little progress just in case I'm too tired to paint for the next couple days.


I started off the night cleaning up both figures. I really slapped some paint around during the first two sessions but they cleaned up easily enough.


After that I got to work with washes. Usually this would just be a flesh wash and a black wash but I decided to do something different. Instead of nearly dipping it in black wash I limited it to the armor while I used a blue wash on all of the purple. This worked very well and added quite a bit to the figures without much extra work.


Realizing just how close these were to finished (albeit at my usual tabletop quality) I decided to push on. Quickly painting the hair and minor details that had been missed I got to work on the faces. I'm definitely out of practice but they're not terrible.




For now I'm calling them done but I'll make the final decision at the next session. In the end I'll probably try and push them further, hopefully above my usual standard but I leave that decision to my future self.

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Posted (edited)

I didn't expect to actually get to the desk today but I'm glad I did. What I thought would be a two day job ended up being more like two half day jobs instead. Being caught up with everything else I decided to put this "extra" time to good use. 


Starting off I went back and added highlights to the purple capes and clothing. It's not great and it certainly doesn't show up very well (no matter what I did trying to capture it) but it's there. In person it's not exactly subtle but I think it looks pretty good.



I also went ahead and started basecoating my own figure. That simple basecoat however quickly advanced to nearly finishing it minus the skin and highlights.



The base also recieved it's basecoat and wash as well. 


Thanks to really getting back into the groove this ended up being my most productive session so far.

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Painting on and off throughout the day meant I got a lot done. My character was finished and as I'd knicked his head while removing mold lines I went ahead and painted my first wound. It actually looked pretty good but I forgot to take a picture.



The base was also fully painted and flocked but much like the head wound I forgot to grab a picture after flocking.20220828_213058.thumb.jpg.868862844b27b9036f5a04df895484ef.jpg


Eager to "finish" the project I ended up destroying my figure's paintjob when I attached it to the base.20220828_222519.thumb.jpg.9cab60b018d2de5cba1ea5aab34d28b4.jpg

Almost looks like Darth Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi now. So a facial repaint and touchups are in order.



With my figure's touchups and repaint still needed it isn't finished but it's really close.



Adding the plastic bubble (for a test fit) just further confirmed that this project was a great idea.


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Project wasn't abandoned but as our anniversary approached I noticed my wife's renewed interest in what I'm working on. Not wanting to spoil the surprise I had to take what I thought would be a short break. Only now just a couple days shy of our anniversary have I been able to add the final piece.20221018_224546.thumb.jpg.d8811fe863b7d8df53074f586c353cca.jpg

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Happy to report the present went over so well I had to put up a new shelf that very night.


It now resides beside a cross stitch my wife did for me awhile back. 


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