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77515 Merrow

Dr Boom

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I've decided to start making a bit more of a concerted effort to work through some of my earlier Bones backlog, so every batch of new painting, I'll be dipping into the remainders of my Stoneskull box from Kickstarter 3. This month I pulled out the Merrow.


I've seen a lot of these guys painted in lovely shades of sickly green, however there was something about this sculpt that was giving off a King Shark vibe (exposed gills and scalloped fins aside), so I started him about the same time I painted the shark in my Raft of the Damned. A bit of a quick paintjob, but it gives the vibe I was looking for.




I was going for the soulless black eyes of a great white, however up close it just looks like he's squinting. I might go back and paint in a little sclera.




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