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Tika Waylan Majere

Ganryu Kojiro

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I finished up Tika, so that's all the Heroes of the Lance. That project took about a year (Sturm was posted last September) and I got to try a lot of fun techniques while I did it (I also picked up a lot of details in the Elmore paintings I'd never noticed before).


There was no detail of Tika's blade, so I had to freehand a bit of shape to it. NMM mail armor continues to be fun, I used the stone gray triad and a true white on it. Blood red with fair skin shadow glazed over it gave a good, rich flesh tone to her.


Next DL pieces in the queue are Crysania and one of Raistlin and Crysania together.









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5 minutes ago, Grand Slam said:

Super-smooth blending, particularly on the shield and the thighs. The overall highlights and details are also well-done. I'm really liking how your nmm on the sword blade came out. Finally, this is also just really nice mini photography.

Thanks! The light box Reaper gave out a few cons ago is super handy for that.

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