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BeamDown: Upcoming Terrain Building Software


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Saucermen Studios will soon be launching a new software platform for building custom 3D printable terrain with BeamDown by Saucermen Studios.


You can check out some videos of it in action at https://saucermenstudios.com.au/beamdown/




Custom build terrain

Easy to use software interface – No 3D modelling experience required!

Save and edit your designs

Build as much terrain as you like

Built on a library of 1,700+ components (and growing)

Delivers 3D printable STL files, optimised for FDM printing



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Here's a guided demo of BeamDown where we show you one of the quick build tool-sets and the user interface.👽🛸

We're really excited that all the core systems are in place which means we can now get stuck into the advanced features! 🎉

You can see more videos of the project at https://saucermenstudios.com.au/beamdown




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