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ReaperCon 2022 Pictures!


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30 minutes ago, TripleH said:

Embassy suites hotel mini



be careful when opening, the right hand is separate.


I almost lost it as its tiny

Ooh, i like that - does anyone know if there is a way to get one if you're not staying in a convention hotel? 

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VIP swag box (I forgot to photo what was in the rest of the bag, mostly just paper stuff) 




VIP bag



Hotel goodie bag (sorry it's sideways) 



Meet and Greet swag





Giant map in the gaming area



I can take pics of minis un-blistered tomorrow if desired. 


That's all I've got for now. Good night! 



--OneBoot 🙂

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A reliable way to fix pix that go sidewards, when uploaded to the forum, that I have found is to crop them.

If I call it up on the phone.

Hit Edit. 
It looks normal/upright on the phone. 
Use crop to shave a tiny number of pixels off one edge (there is usually one edge where a smidge of background can go).

Then save it. 

The upload of the new saved version will not turn sideways. Up will be Up. 

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