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ReaperCon Items in Online Store Timeframe?


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Not over the weekend, not Monday. Possibly next week, more likely the week after that.  


A limited number of swag boxes were available this morning in the hall and they were bringing more in periodically during the day leading me to believe they are not ready for mail order.


The swag paints and Sophie's aren't available at the con yet either. I'm hoping to get some by the end of the con.


Things are running a little less smoothly than normal this year.

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On 9/1/2022 at 12:09 PM, skippen said:

I hate to post this as I am sure the answer is in here somewhere, but I cannot find it.  When is the online store expected to have ReaperCon items that they will choose to sell?

Use the keywords REAPERCON2022 and you'll see all of the available swag!

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