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Kazala, Efreet


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I painted this chap up a couple weeks ago, thought I'd share him with you, seeing how the lot of you seem to enjoy seeing a little freehand painting...






Big minis are easier to paint, so I went all out. He's a little over 2" tall.


The sword looks a little hokey, but I was thinking of the way NMM would work in the desert and this is what I came up with. The pants have designs based upon a Tibetan painting that I saw.


I'm really happy with the Gold chains and bracelets...Should've written that recipe down, I can't seem to match it this week. Oh well that'll teach me.

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It's truly ironic, because I have been watching your stuff heavily on eBay before I had registered on these forums. It's surreal to now see the exact same miniatures I've been watching displayed by you with your own descriptions. Truly appreciate your work. Can't wait to see what's next!

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Thanks all for your comments, much obliged :lol:


@tatsu: thanks for your interest and keep watching as there's much more to come!


@Gus: Still looking, painting some gold NMM tomorrow, thinking of trying to rediscover this combo...I think it's Charcoal Grey, then Cobra leather, then ??? then Skull white.


@Enchantra, Bill_Adcock, DIgital m@, Errex, Spartan 6 and styates, greetz and thanks!


@Morning cloud: You nailed it. That's what I was visualizing before I painted the sword. I was thinking of putting some reflected pyramids in there, but I realized they would have to be extremely far off in the distance to be rendered as recognizable pyramids if I wanted to keep my NMM perspective accurate, so I left it as just the sky. I'm glad that you noticed that though, it's alot more noticable in real life. Thanks!

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