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Battle System's "Fantasy Village Set" : Painting the Edges

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Battle System's Maladum dungeoncrawl KS starts in October, so I thought I'd help them out with some pics of their "Fantasy Village Set", available retail (and reprint in October). 


Pics include paints used, mostly FolkArt's Mushroom, a lightly-saturated light brown, and Apple Barrels' Pewter Grey.


Miniatures are from Sally 4th's Villagers sets. Game mat is Ravenkeep's Terra Tiles.
































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Rangers of Shadowdeep village scenario and Lasting Tales demo scenario!


Find the clues before the zombies and rats get you. Clues are fallen villagers from Tiny Furniture, or the blue die next to a building. The Lasting Tales scenario has a second part where the missing grave appears, protected by the Necromancer!


If you play RoS, give your Ranger the Dash ability! That extra bit of movement may save you a turn of game time or let you strike your opponent first! Archers are good because ranged weapons have more opportunities to attack and you have some time to fall back against a melee opponent. A melee unit is good because you can push back an opponent engaged with your archer, then let your archers at 'em. The RoS game system is casual, but I don't like how the author uses different uncommon terrain in each campaign scenario, so you're either proxying or hunting down terrain each game. Lasting Tales (still unreleased) did a better job of letting me reuse my Terra Tiles game tiles, and has about twice as many scenarios as RoS, plus campaign events between scenarios.




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