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45 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

I just pulled into my driveway. It was great seeing everyone again or for the first time. I miss you guys already. 


Let us know when you get home safe, please.

Wow, you made it home quick!


Oh. Right. 🤣

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We got 2 extra hours from the clock, so pulling in at 11:30 didn't sound so bad, but there was no way we were going to bed without unpacking...  I think we turned out the lights about 3am Denton time.  


I cannot say enough good things about this convention!  We had a fantastic time, and made a ton of new friends.  Everyone was so nice to us!  My only regret is not meeting more people, and maybe not spending enough time throwing dice.  The bingo card was a wonderful icebreaker - just genius!  A huge shout out to JeepNewbie for running an old school dungeon crawl for our family on virtually no sleep!  I guess WarriorSlinky and I will just spend the next year as a gaseous cloud floating over the evil wizard's mountain, pining over our dead compatriots!



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