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77440 Demon Hunter ("Deb, Vampire Slayer")

Count Urlik

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I may post a WIP because I took a bunch of pix on the way, but this is how she ended up in time for ReaperCon 2022.  She got renamed along the way, because she seemed overly perky and sunny in disposition for a demon hunter.  I learned a ton painting her, and the judges at RC22 gave me a boatload of very helpful feedback in how to improve her.  I'd appreciate any advice you all have to offer as well!




She's definitely a milestone figure for me, but I was still amazed when they gave her a silver medal.




Thanks for looking!




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12 minutes ago, Grand Slam said:

...good call not going overboard with the blood...


Thank you very much!  TBH, the blood was a very last minute (i.e. the night before entering) addition because the bat seemed to get lost in the base.  After all of that repainting on the sword (I must have tried it at least a dozen times), it seemed criminal to slather it with blood!

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