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[Kobold Press] Wastes of Chaos: Enter the 5E Borderlands (Includes Minis) LIVE!


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Wastes of Chaos: Enter the 5E Borderlands

Venture beyond the civilized lands, into the howling badlands where the Cult of the Black Goat does as it pleases and where ancient constructs lie just under a thin layer of dust. There you may find great riches, ancient magic, and a swift death. 


Welcome to the wastelands for 5th Edition!



In addition to the books, be sure to check out the awesome minis!




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6 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Where can we see the minis?


Hey there!
You can see many of the renders above. You can see more over on the KS page, and there are a few more renders (including the Wasteland Dragon in 3 age categories / sizes!!) coming soon!

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We've unlocked the first stretch goal! The Doombringer Fighter subclass is now a part of Wastes of Chaos! 

The Doombringer is violence personified, reveling in bloodshed and the terror they cause in their enemies.


AND, if you scroll up a bit and take a look at the line of minis for this project, you'll see the Doombringer mini front and center!!


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Wastes of Chaos is zooming along! Upcoming stretch goals include:

$160K - Form-fillable character sheet PDF

$180K - 3 new chaos monsters are added to the book—chaos orb, warpling, and the prophet of chaos

$200K - Wastes of Chaos adventure named "Season of the Witch" is added to Tales from the Wastes


Check out the most recent Updates:
Shard Tabletop VTT Free for Most Pledges

Tales of the Wasted West Actual Play

Sneak Peek: Vile Reconstructor


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Wastes of Chaos has unlocked a new Doombringer fighter subclass, 3 new wasteland monsters including the dust goblin archmage, an additional adventure called "Dust to Dust", and a wastelands dragonborn variant race to the project.

Wastes of Chaos is a setting-neutral sourcebook to expand and enrich any wastelands, chaos terrain, or borderlands for your existing campaign. (Think bulging muscles, big swords, howling cults, and lots of fur and leather.)

Accompanying Wastes of Chaos is Tales from the Wastes, a hardcover collection of memorable adventures covering levels 1-8, plus one for level 18! We’ve got interplanar travel, malevolent idols, crashed alien ships, and an abandoned dragon hoard waiting for you!

While we offer multiple VTTs, every pledge $29 and up also gets a free copy of Wastes of Chaos and Tales from the Shadows on Shard Tabletop! (And yes, that includes anyone who pledges for Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds VTT!)

Check out the Kickstarter Now (and get free desktop and mobile wallpapers of the awesome cover!)

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