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ReaperCon 2022 Recap


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It is that time again dearies, ReaperCon 2022 Recap!!

After a harrowing week of 21 hours of scheduled demos I've returned home to Michigan for a few days of rest.

Whatta ride!

ReaperCon 2022 was an outstanding success not just for Reaper Miniatures but also for Dungeon Dwellers RPG.

The convention was well-attended and organized. Huge shout-out to Ron and the rest of the gang who worked their fannies off to ensure ReaperCon is the DO NOT MISS event of 2022.

Everything seemed to be running like a well-oiled machine and the fans were absolutely thrilled. Attendance seemed very good, I believe we mostly sold out but I don't have the figures.


The meat & greet was very busy as was the awards ceremony. Vendors hall seemed full to me, I'd like to see a few more used game vendors next year.

The venue still has room so I expect we'll continue to grow the next few years. I love the Embassy Suites as a venue, it's very clean, the staff bend over backwards, and I get gratis  hotel breakfast which I absolutely adore!

I arrived Wednesday AM and was picked up by the delightful Cheryl Storm. Huge shout out to her for providing transport! ❤️ My flights were thankfully uneventful. None of my stuff was damaged even though, as usual, TSA pawed over everything in the checked bags. I guess all the miniatures, dice, tokens, etc. are just too compelling to pass up.

So in the weeks leading up to the event I prepped a ton of miniatures, adventures, and terrain. All of that had to be transported, I shipped two boxes and carried a bunch more in my checked luggage and carryons.


Yes, you read that correctly terrain. This year we scheduled two courageous envoys to help me run DDRPG demos. In previous years I went it alone but this year I had help! Unfortunately one had to drop out a week before the con due to COVID but thankfully Chris Lewis stepped up and knocked his 14 hours of events out of the park.

Big thanks to Chris for his expertise and energy, could not have done it without ya buddy! As for the terrain, it arrived 3 days late but undamaged. I guess I should be grateful. I went through 7-9 rolls of filament printing many, many ruined walls and features for the one hour side-trek table. The terrain was even painted adding a nice finished touch to Chris' well-attended demos. Naturally for all my prep I spent a few nights painting minis, it goes with the territory.

Anywho day one I ran the first demo - the Ghostwalkers which I believe was the fan favorite this year. I think, @Ron? The next game was streamed and featured the Bonepanders, everybody's favorite profit-minded graverobbers. Good times were had as the PCs squared off with the double-dealing necromancer Lucrecious Lurche. The game was well received and the players had a blast verbally sparring with Lucrecious before he unleashed a skeletal giant upon the PCs. The necromancer was laid low but managed to sneak off but the PCs got the loot and their pound of flesh.

In the following days I ran the Knights of Ottersmark and Thornforged companies. So much fun. The players, as always, were up for anything. Every session was a reminder of why I do what I do and how important DDRPG is to me. Along the way we got plenty of positive feedback and even some well presented criticism. Definitely food for thought as we move forward on the full release in the spring.

I'm pleased to report our demos were packed to the gills. People were constantly swinging by looking for a seat and we accommodated as many as we could  I ran quite a few 7 player tables, Chris had people lined up out the door forcing him to run 8, 9, and even 10 player tables. I'm certain if we had another two envoys we woulda still had full tables. Most gratifying. What we learned: people are hungry for DDRPG.

Plenty of Pathfinder 2 and D&D 5e games going on but, at least to my weary ancient eyes, the number of tables run seemed a little down from previous years but I don't have any official numbers in front of me.

Michael ran lots of his own games using the RAGE engine. Huge thanks to him!!! I do believe Dread Cthulhu made an appearance in one of the dungeondelves. Pity those PCs. 🙂

The miniature competition was intense this year. More people than ever are able to render beautiful pieces. Do yourselves a favor, attend RCon for the minis alone. Amazing stuff. I'm keen to participate next year.

Oh and before I forget, this was my 10th anniversary attending ReaperCon! I first attended in 2011 more or less as a civilian but when I returned in 2012 I was wearing the Reaper colors writing and running all of the games. I've been doing the same ever since, except for the year we missed due to COVID.

Well... that about does it. RCon was a blazing success.


The staff were wonderful providing all the love and support necessary for me to do my thing.


It was great rubbing elbows with the amazingly talented painters and sculptors. Ya'll inspire me!


Many thanks to Ron for putting on a helluva show! I swear it's like he was everywhere at once. No idea how he does it but I'm pretty sure caffeine is involved.


Tremendous thanks to Ed and Dave for their generosity and support without which there would be no ReaperCon.

Lastly but not leastly (word?) a huge shout out to the fans. You are ReaperCon. You are family. The love for the hobby and Reaper is obvious in every face. It's an honor and privilege to have ya'll at our tables and we are humbled by your faith in us.

Big things are a comin', and we're thrilled to have ya'll along for the ride. With the publication of the DDRPG beta 2.0 rules, you have what's needed to dive into the game. Play it. Send us feedback on the Discord server and the Reaper forums. DDRPG belongs to all of us!

Soon, a more profound offering will be available as we unleash DDRPG upon the world. Keep an eye on the Reaper webpage, we have such sights to show you...

That's all for now. I'm already back to the wordforge hammering out new stuff.

Warmest regards,


aka Joseph C. Wolf

Head Writer, Reaper Miniatures Inc.

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