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The contract not the question. The money is!


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91 Alpha/Bravo on the line with the 1/506th, Alpha Company, then homeward hobnobbing with the IOC brass at Rock Island Arsenal.


4 Years, didn't want to crossover into Whiskey; got my 2 Year degree for drafting and Design, that MOS (51Tango) wasn't available so I didn't Reup; been out for 4 years, did some work off and on with various reserve units. I'll be totally out the system in a few months.


CAV we gotta bit of a drama going on, part RPG, part tabletop. 104' by 104' tactical map, even using 4 digit grid coordinates to track various movements. Whatever happens to be there is there, and whatever player figures out how to deal with whatever is there.


Standard Force Organization 7500 point manuevering elements (we call "Tomahawks") anywhere from 5 to 10 sections. but we've manuevered large scale operations using three elements at 22,500 points 15 to 30 sections per side (we call a Spear) .


Tolucan Deathmatches are single CAV on CAV duels, with a few grudge matches involving teams we call "Tolucan Deathsquads". we have rules for bribes (Taking a dive), hits and something we call twists (When a hit is put on you, and your would be assassin splits the payday for you to take a dive in the matchs).


Great fun, lots of other details, but these are probably the main things.

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How about rescuing a newbie redshirt CAV pilots?


Like, the defender get's a free super-heavy CAV (Starhawk VI or something), but with both PS and WOS at -1 each?


How about defending a dam from being busted (Navarone)?


Naval Landing at Omega Beach? ::D:

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