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Fenris Games: Rubble City 2 - Versatile, Resin, Modular Scenics


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Hello! I'm helping Ian at Fenris out with this campaign on the tech and people side so he has more time to do what he does best - sculpting and casting! I'm helping as Annie, not Bad Squiddo (which I run!) so there's no company affiliation (or ulterior motives in me saying how ace it is!), I just really like the project and want to see it do well. It's an especially hard time for small wargames businesses (and everyone!) at the moment so the more we help each other out, the better. That's what it's all about right?


Some of the bits!







Also all these folks which people might have missed beforehand






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Wahey, thanks, that was my line! Haha! They were all un named when I got to it (I've worked on all the graphics and kickstarter page) so I made it up myself and Fenris liked it so they've stayed 😄


Inarah - Dark Fable went to Dragonbait after Mike passed away, and Fenris are the UK rep for them, so they handle the Dark Fable in the UK for Joe at Dragonbait.

New stretch goals!




Premature for the flame pots but I'm heading home for the bank holiday weekend soon so I whacked it in 😄

I'm meeting Ian from Fenris at the weekend to take some pictures of the buildings he has been painting up by itself and with a range of different minis, including some of my Bad Squiddo WW2 to show it doesn't have to just be fantasy

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I took a bunch of pictures with some of my (Bad Squiddo Games) minis and they look super!

I also got Ian for an interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXlDME9OZTk


It ends 6pm UK time today so pop over as LOADS of stuff has been unlocked! I upped my own pledge as I now want a load of it for photographing my range in some scenics as it's so good.








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