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Anyone playing CAV near denton, TX?


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YA the store is only open for buisness Sat only. You can't go up there during the week and shop. Thats probably what they ment when they turned your brother away.


During the day on Sat they are more then happy to sell you anything from the reaper line as well as some tools of the trade.


They've got everything you need to put a mini together from glue to basing material to dull coat.


Mad Pat

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Right now there is no official start time other then when the store opens at 10. I would say so that we have plenty of time to play a good big game show up as soon as you can.


I'll always work hard to fitting late comers in, you just probably will have to make due with what's on the board already, instead of getting to field what you want.


I would also say most games won't start or be fun to hope into after about 3 in the after noon.


Now Big tourney days or something like that, we'll have a bit more of a structured time frame, and it will be more difficult to work late comers into that, but you'll all have PLENTY of advanced notice when that's going to happen.


Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton

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