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  2. Evilhalfling

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    May 21st ~ Do you fear the weather?  Does it alarm or worry you? I don't fear the weather, I fear the Climate. -every year pushing at the record high average temperature- bringing drought, starvation. flooding ... as for alarming me, we got 2 inches of snow last night. that was pretty alarming. this is the second time it has snowed after mothers day in 10 years. - but we are still getting 60 degree days in February, it was 85 last week. ill probably build a snow sculpture this morning, as the rain will melt it off by about 2pm
  3. Jeepnewbie

    Adventuring Alice

    This is cool.
  4. I don't particularly fear weather. I do often have a wide variety of negative emotions associated with any given sort of weather, mostly some brand of irritated, but fear isn't really part of that package. Given that my parents live in Houston, I often have concern over THEIR weather, but they are smart enough people that it's still not fear. Pittsburgh is great, today. Bright and sunny and 50 degrees. It's a day that I really ought to be commuting on my bike instead of a bus. But if I did that, I wouldn't have time for this post. I avoid exercise for YOU, collective forumites, I do it for you.
  5. Not normal weather. I fear ice and snow, in the sense that it makes commuting slow and miserable, but not much beyond that. I fear severe hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme hail, etc., but I don't usually encounter them in my life.
  6. Sanael

    Nagendra Snake Cultists Snakemen from Bones 4 (Pic Heavy)

    Really nice work. That shield conversion is great, and the OSL is brilliant. I really hope these hit retail soon, I could use a few.
  7. Corsair

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    Faer? I don't live in it, but I DO take realsitic precautions and responses seriously.
  8. 10 Eldar Dark Reapers. They were primed black, given a heavy drybrush of very light grey with a little bit of edging in white followed by washes of the desired colors (blue and red based on my Eldar scheme) where appropriate, then some fine detail picked out. The armor was very well suited for this style of painting... not sure why I don't do it more with my Eldar models.
  9. Today
  10. Hopefully we can contemplate this one without excess bzzzzzzzzzzzz. What occasioned the question was the weather coverage on the CBS Evening News last Friday evening. They made the next approaching weather pattern sound like an incoming apocalypse. “...40 Million Americans Threatened...”. Sunday into Monday morning it was toned down a bit (the NWS had predicted 2 milliner people.)
  11. haldir

    Nagendra Snake Cultists Snakemen from Bones 4 (Pic Heavy)

    The more I see these the more I wish I would have pledged for a set. Nice work, love the coloring.
  12. Gadgetman!

    Earthworm Jim

    https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/earthworm-jim-the-comic-book/x/10803452#/ Overview Earthworm Jim has been a beloved character in video games since his launch in 1994, but due to the limitations of cartridge space, his epic story was never properly told. I'm not only the creator of Earthworm Jim, but I've spent the last 20 years making 18 graphic novels! EARTHWORM JIM is about the world's most unlikely hero... a worm! The evil Queen of Insectica has a super-suit invented that is capable of altering the universe when it is stolen by her ugly sister, Princess What's-Her-Name... Earthworm Jim... from the creator of Earthworm Jim! My name is Doug TenNapel and I created Earthworm Jim 26 years ago. Though "EWJ" appeared in award winning video games, an animated series and a toy line, his epic story has yet to be told! We all know the character, but none of us know the story. This deficit in the universe ends NOW! (P.S. Do sign up for the Earthworm Jim Comic mailing list! http://earthwormjimcomic.com/ ) For the first time in 27 years I am crafting an epic graphic novel worthy of the true fans of Earthworm Jim in a multi-book set! Let's launch the cow! My last Indiegogo campaign was for a comic book called Bigfoot Bill and my backers blew me away by providing $196k in funding! Together, we were able to make a hard bound, giant book with over-the-top gold-leafing and embossing on the cover. With your help, we can make Earthworm Jim: LAUNCH THE COW a beautiful volume that is a work of art unto itself. It goes on the coffee table, not some box of wrinkled, floppy comics in the basement. This story will be a sprawling love letter to the fans of Earthworm Jim! YOU are my Plan A. There is no other plan! Making a big, beautiful book requires a lot of funding. Paper costs go up every year, and I only use top quality end sheets, cover stock and print work. It's made in America in my state so I can oversee every step of production. The book will start as a handsome hardbound edition, oversized at 9" x 12" and 160 pages long! It documents the origins of the super suit and how it got to earth to make our favorite hero. You'll see some familiar characters ripped straight out of the video game like: Peter Puppy, Princess What's-Her-Name, Psycrow, the hideous Professor Monkey for a Head, Queen Slug-for-a-Butt and Evil the Cat! The Making Of EARTHWORM JIM Book! Your Earthworm Jim: Launch the Cow comic is lonely and needs a companion... The "Making Of The Earthworm Jim Book" is a perfect companion to the comic bookk. It will also be hardbound, 9" x 12" and starts at 64 pages (But I KNOW we can do a lot better than that!). It has a comprehensive backstory on all of the main characters and villains. I think it's tacky to have too much expository dialogue on everyone's past, so it's better to unfurl that in this book. I give you the why behind the entire Earthworm Jim universe... and yes, I'm building a universe! I recently had a reunion with the whole Earthworm Jim game team and I got to interview everyone. We talked about how Earthworm Jim came to be and I will document that many close calls and freak accidents that had to fall into place for it to happen. There will be team bios, and a catch up on what everyone has been doing over the last 25 years since we got together. The Shiny Team section of the book has portraits of the talented artists, programmers and musician and the photos were even taken by David Perry the Earthworm Jim programmer! I'll show every step of the comic book's production, from raw ideas on the white board to printing every notecard I used in breaking down the story. You'll see the raw pencilled pages, inked pages with washes applied and I even scan my script pages that are covered in pencil re-writes! Who remembers this cartridge and packaging art by Mike Koelsch...? I've asked Mike Koelsch to paint a new "90s-style EWJ cover" for the Making Of book! Koelsch will give a step-by-step story on how he illustrated EWJ including a sneak peek into his studio madness. (Check out Koelsch's website here: http://www.sporkunltd.com/) He has also allowed me to make prints of the cover and the original is available on our highest backer tier. I'll put it in a beautiful frame with matting so it's ready to hang in your home! Here's Mike giving step by step progress on the cover: I've got perks where you can own the original comic pages, the book covers and enjoy frame-worthy prints plus a perk where I will draw you an original signed Earthworm Jim head-sketch in your book! 3 ART PRINTS! I hope to make three collectable prints with each Earthworm Jim book by guest artists, and these are the first three. Note: They will only be offered on this campaign and won't be offered on any future campaigns. The first is by Mike Koelsch, the artist who did all of the cartridge and packaging illustrations for Earthworm Jim 1 and 2. The next two are from the CreatureBox boys Greg and Dave! Click here to learn more about CreatureBox: http://creaturebox.com/ FUND THE TEAM: The funds will go to a costly print run, my letterer Eric Weathers, flatter Radka Kavalcova, my colorist Katherine Garner, book designer Joe Potter and shipping fees. Here's a sampling of the team's test pages so far: The Art of Bookmaking I've spent years making graphic novels and Earthworm Jim is probably my most well-known creation, yet his story hasn't been told. This is my chance to do the best job I can to entertain you and your backing will make this book a fantastic work of art. I don't see comics as disposable rags made to read once then toss aside. I spend a lot of time writing and story and crafting every page and merely reading some thin floppy or a PDF isn't the experience I'm going for. This book will be something you can enjoy for a lifetime, it's literature, not pop-garbage and I want to stand on the tip-toes of my ability to reach for the highest possible craft I can accomplish! My track record in this arena has few peers. I Kickstarted two sketchbook archives where we managed leather covers, gold gilded edges and the best printing money can buy. These are one-of-a-kind collector's items that are not available in stores. The book honors the backers who made them happen. I write for the most diverse audience imaginable, and the backers constantly tell me, "I got more than I paid for!" If you look at my books that are made outside of Indiegogo, you'll see that they don't have the over-the-top printing production I can pull off through crowd funding. Only through Indiegogo will you find foil-stamped gold cover art, UV gloss coatings, embossing and de-bossing! I hope to explore new printing techniques that make these hard bound books the kind of items you show off to your friends with a durability that ensures a great re-read for the rest of your life! For more on the Bigfoot Bill campaign click here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/doug-tennapel-s-bigfoot-bill-graphic-novel/x/838702#/ I spend a lot of time putting these books together, it's time away from my family and I've dedicated my art philosophy and have the highest commitment to being transparent to my backers, include them in every step of the process and take the moral contract between backer & creator seriously. Why Beale Air Force Base? When Crew Chief Matt Konar was allowed to choose any artist to paint the nose art on his KC135 refueling plane he wanted something like his favorite character Earthworm Jim! A friend put us in contact, and I designed the artwork for the plane and attended the commissioning ceremony on May 5th. The whole base came out and I felt so humbled to get to help America's finest that I wanted to do something special for those folks and give YOU that same feeling. By backing the Beale Air Force tier, I hope to send one copy of the Earthworm Jim comic to all 800 people on that base just in time for Christmas! As a thank you, I will send you a signed book! Here's a sample page from the comic:
  13. Chaoswolf

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    No to both. There's no point being scared of something you can't change. That dosn't mean that i don't take sensible precautions, though.
  14. Question for: May 21st ~ Do you fear the weather? Does it alarm or worry you?
  15. Chris Palmer

    Nagendra Snake Cultists Snakemen from Bones 4 (Pic Heavy)

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments! Glad you like how they turned out.
  16. Chaoswolf

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Murphy's law in action: We installed our window air conditioners yesterday after 2 days of 80 degree temperatures. The temperature dropped to 45 overnight, and it's only expected to reach 62 or so today. (All temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit.)
  17. CringertheBattleCat

    Paint Equivalents

    Hey all, Can anyone suggest a close match for the reaper paints ghostly moss and maiden flesh? Looking for other reaper paints currently being produced that might sub in for these 2 that aren't made anymore. Thanks!
  18. Glitterwolf

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    No Stegosaurus in the pic...he wasn't alive then..
  19. haldir

    R.I.P. Niki Lauda

    Just read this online, RIP Mr Lauda.
  20. Martin Jones aka Thatguy here on the forums sprayed Alclad II on the official paintjob for the Clockwork dragon's wings. As far as application, pretty sure you need the airbrush as it needs to be light coats over a gloss black base to get the chrome effect. Oh almost forgot, acquired at game night last night, new bandit miniatures from Wizkids. I was short so needed a quick purchase.
  21. An upcoming Kickstarter for female minis by Bad Squiddo Games: - - I backed one of Annie’s previous kickstarters, the one with all the forest animals including beavers and moose and bears (oh my). I also bought several of her female minis and the sculpts are quite nice and the castings were great quality. Very sharp and clean. I’m very happy with what I’ve ordered and if finances allowed I would back again.
  22. haldir

    Games and gaming

    Generally when the class schedule goes live. You'll use Growtix to submit your game. Last year, you needed to be a attendee to submit game requests.
  23. *drinks beer and watches association football*
  24. From the stuff I've seen, it's pretty sweet. It isn't a true mirror, but it's still pretty dang reflective after you've buffed it a little bit and it's probably as close as you can get. However, it is a lacquer based paint and so it may not play well with Bones and acrylic paint because of the solvents. Here's a demo video comparing it to one of the best chrome paints on the market, Alclad II Chrome. https://youtu.be/lm9fqk2CfzY Of course, both are intended for airbrush application. I have no idea how they would do with brush-on.
  25. Glitterwolf

    R.I.P. Niki Lauda

    Rest in peace!
  26. Cicciopiu

    Bones Mouslings (quite an assortment)

    Yeah... I was used to have a perfect eyesight and now I'm starting loosing on my right eye (I'm 45)... sooo I need glasses while painting minis and I decided that I'll need a magnifier too, so I've bought a clip-on 2x lens on Amazon, to attach to my glasses; still waiting for it to arrive... I also use a daylight led bulb: is a must. And, Ratmaster, you are doing a great job on this mini-minis!
  27. Glitterwolf

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    Thanks! Now what convinced you? The Puppy Eyes or the Wolf Snarl? *** Takes notes in little book titled, how to persuade people ***
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