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  2. Werkrobotwerk

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    I could do july
  3. Sets that I would expect to see up for sale once they are ready will be the Core and the Expansions, any thing else will be retail release. An add-on, for example those skeletal monsters referenced above, would be sold individually retail, not as a grouping. This statement is based on past experience from previous projects as a former employee not based on current information loop.
  4. kristof65

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I spent the last two weeks dreading a credit card merchant setup I had to do today for a customer. Everything about the agent I was dealing with was giving me red flags that I was going to have problems, because the platform they wanted to use gives a lot of agents problems getting set up right for the equipment I work on. And guess what? I was wrong. Not just wrong, but like he got it right first try, where as even most good agents take a second try to get it right. In other news, I'm happy with my son for finally getting off his butt and managing to get his crap ton of missing science assignments turned in.
  5. Darcstaar

    Darcstaar vs. BONES 1. Ep 2 Callie

    Here I have glazed over all the green with a very dilute mix of Glaze Medium, Matte Additive, and mainly water with a little Grass Green. This was about 3 applications. I like how it stays bright but toned down the glaring nature and chalkiness of the prior post.
  6. eldamir

    King Cobra

    It's a Snek!! Because he came pre-glued and sat on my desk staring at me for a week, he became my first Bones IV miniature .. I tried for an 'awakening statue' feel, but am not sure that I pulled it off to my satisfaction, but either way, fun to paint. Painting this guy, I had the wild idea for a diorama that will never see the light of day.. A pair of these fellows at the top of a grand staircase tomb entrance.. but the second one (and this is why it'll never happen) is bent and twisting towards the adventurers that have just passed between the two snake guardians.. Unfortunately, I have no friends with mad wood carving / 3-d modeling / sculpting talents :)
  7. Sanael

    What's on TV?

    To be fair, that's pretty true to what I've read of the source material. The original run, anyway. I haven't read any of the recent reboot. Can't speak to the show, yet.
  8. Rigel

    77503: Temple dragon x3

    That fiery tail on Cabbage! Magnificent.
  9. haldir

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Initial viewing: Other then the stall that was behind the rest, everything is straight. That stall's front is a little bent inward but it's nothing to serious. Overall I have to admit I wouldn't have bought this for retail price thou. Allot more hobby things I could spend 60 bucks on, but it is a nice set thou, & the villagers do have some nice poses. All are human, unless you wanna say some are near human shaped. Typical Unpainted line sculpts. I really like the thief, he'll get some use in tonight's AL game. As noted there are a few figures that have been already released. Other then I need a couple more bandits for tonight's game, I wish they would have made newer sculpts, maybe even made those non-human sculpts. I find it odd, the hunchback in his own pack includes a torture rack, but here he doesn't have it. As I said in anther post, the forge coals are a clear plastic that you paint whatever color you want. Battery is removable. Package is the same size as their other sets (bar set, library, etc).
  10. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    Here's a brighter version of the painted fighter, I don't know if this is better or worse than the previous one...
  11. Clearman

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    This is an interesting thought. I don't remember rewards trickling like this on previous campaigns, so I wonder if something changed. Though to be honest, I usually tune out once I have received my shipment.
  12. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Heck, my former girlfriend had pictures of her goat in the tree - if the branches are low enough and far enough apart, they can climb trees. Once you let a goat into your heart... they will try to eat it. The Auld Grump - Pratchett described goats as 'sheep with brains'.
  13. This will entail a lot more work, but I am afraid it might be the only way to get a result that will satisfy you. Cut a piece of styrene or other base material to an oval shape, glue it to the current base and then extend the diorama "footprint" to the distance you want the water to cover. Either that or just pour the water to under the existing overhang.
  14. Rigel

    02885 - Khalith, Mummy Lord 2.0

    Now that's looking spectacular!
  15. Doug Sundseth

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Reaper has said that it will be after all the packages have shipped from Australia. They have not said how long after. The container for Australia was supposed to arrive in Australia on Saturday, then it would have to clear customs, get to the reshipper's facility, and then the packages be sent out. In part, this time window is driven by the need to be able to satisfy any problems in KS project fulfillment. In part it's driven by the desire not to be selling KS product while supporters are still waiting for reward shipment. They have also said that the numbers will be "limited". No indication what that actually means.
  16. Darcstaar

    Darcstaar vs. BONES 1. Ep 2 Callie

    Thanks everyone. Next is a highlight with an MSP Sample Paint. It seems to be a neutral pale green. Not too blue, not too Olive. I may decide to give this a glaze with a GW wash, but first I think I’ll try a thinned all over application of Grass Green mid tone.
  17. This past week I finished a unit of 10 of the Bones 4 Nagendra Snake Cultists snakemen along with accompanying Shaman. I converted one of the armored two-handed swordsman to have a single sword arm, and used a gnoll's arm with shield to replace the other one. I also sliced, repositioned, and reglued some of the soldiers arms to make the unit look more varied. Painting articles can be found here: Nagendra Part 1, and here: Nagendra Part 2
  18. Does anyone know about when the sets from the KS will go on sale? I just didn't order the skeletal monsters and am thinking about the fan favorites for a new game that starts tonight, so the sooner I could order the better. Without using Ebay, cause my goodness those resellers are expensive.
  19. Auberon

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    When I got Bones 1 I would paint some of the sets of 3 in a single sitting, so that's probably my record. I may have completed 6 rats in one night. Speed in rarely my goal.
  20. Darcstaar

    Maledrakh's 77073 Freja Fangbreaker

    I just love the intimidating glare you gave her face. Like someone spilled something on her favorite shoes.
  21. Darcstaar

    Maledrakh's 77096 Labella DeMornay, Banshee

    Nice effect. The eyes sell it so well. Great basing too.
  22. Btass

    My attempt at the Stygian Barge

    No kidding Mutilatedlips, this is by far the biggest and most complex "miniature" I've ever attempted, but I get to play with it tonight. It took me about 25 hours to complete, so it wasn't terrible, just a full week project and a patient wife to let me use half the dining room table. Starting a new campaign where we wake up, dead of course, on the barge and Charon gives us a new chance at life. No idea if it is his power or anothers to grant us a second chance. A mystery awaits.
  23. Chris Palmer

    Mossbeard Arm Reversal Conversion

    I've been working on the arms some more the past few days. I got the hands glued to the new wrists, and when the glue was set, used green stuff to hide and blend the joints. I also used some of the extra green stuff to blend the joint between the body and head a little.
  24. Unruly

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Yea, I know. My family used to have a walk behind Gravely, and one of the attachments we had was a 36"(I think) brush hog. It would take care of most of my lawn in about 6 passes, leaving me with just the stuff that I couldn't maneuver around to do in full with the mower. If we still had it. But that Gravely seized up years ago, because when my parents got a divorce they sold the property we used it on and it sat, uncovered, for years and rusted itself into near oblivion. Which never made any sense to me, because two of the other attachments we had were a tiller and a garden plow, but my mom would rather use hand tools for her rather large garden than use the Gravely. My experience with goats is that they're great for brush, like briars and brambles, and for stripping trees of anything the goat can reach. And they can reach a lot once they stand on their hind legs and really stretch out. Then they break into your shed, eat your ice melt salts, and die from it. But the one my mom had didn't really do much for her lawn. She was an awesome pet, though. Like a giant dog. And they want to make some really strange deals, too. Took a little over an hour to weedeat the lawn. Hopefully on Saturday I can hit it with the lawnmower in a proper fashion since most of what I cut down today will have had a little bit of time to wither and dry, and even though it will be wet from rain almost all week it will be low enough to not kill my mower.
  25. Doug Sundseth

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    After thinking about this for a bit, I wonder whether Scale75 is casting in-house and sending out rewards as the figures are cast. It would make the slow rate of fulfillment understandable, especially if they have limited resin-casting staff (and mold-cutting staff, since they would need to replace molds several times during the casting process).
  26. SisterMaryNapalm

    What's on TV?

    Zapping through TV during an uneventful evening and close to going to bed, I once again stumbled upon a new episode of Air Crash Investigation. Oh boy, that brings back memories. So I had to have a look. I have got around 120 hours of ACI ... hm. Challenge accepted ...
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