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  2. Zink

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I think I'm well and truly baked. It was only about 26 C / 79 F but I was fixing my swather for over 4 hours in the sun. Thought I had tanned up enough but I guess not. Damn my scandhoovian ancestors for giving me not so sun resistant skin. My face is red right now but I know from experience it'll quit glowing later and it doesn't feel burnt. My neck and the couple of spots where my shirt was ripped on the other hand... On the edge of painful. And this is the coolest day they're predicting for the next week. At least I've done the wort of it and should be able to sit inside the swather in a couple day when I have it fixed with a/c. We missed the heat wave a lot of you've had lately. MIL was giving me hell for not wearing a hat. I was welding and grinding along with other things. Hard to wear a hat when you're swapped face mask and welding helmet continually. Wouldn't have helped my neck anyhow. I'm not a hat fan. One thing that really irritates me with Facebook is that old posts from long ago I couldn't care less about seem to hang around forever but stuff that's new is gone quickly. Sometimes I can't find the thing I want to look at again. For the most part I avoid the worst of the stupidity and anger because my friends aren't generally involved and the few groups I'm part of are nice people sharing a common interest. Still don't like spending a lot of time there.
  3. Valthorn_Illian

    Making a Meadow

    Do I just cover this (not the rocks) in static grass or what? Pretty sure the best play here is cover the dirt in loose static grass then add the grass tufts and flower tufts, but I'm not 100% sure. Any advice?
  4. paintybeard

    Getting to Know You July 2019

    I waited about an extra 8 months for the Hasslefree "Matt Dixon" kickstarter figures, and I seem to have got off lightly there. Still waiting for Saga Dungeon tiles, which must be a good year overdue now. They bit off WAY more than they could chew...
  5. Cygnwulf

    Wulf's Rach (CAV Imperator and Khan)

    They are aggressive. The Kahn reminds me of ED-209 too. Might need to do another at some point.... Anyway, now in color. Sketched out my color scheme, though it's not quite way I want. The blue is much lighter and grey darker than I want to end up. Still, some progress tonight.
  6. Darsc Zacal

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Puts note on phone for future research.
  7. Today
  8. zoroaster100

    Reaper Maggotcrown Ogre Juggernaut

    A bit more work on the skull.
  9. Sibling

    Getting to Know You July 2019

    Sovereign Stone: Pathfinder Edition Expected December 2013 Core book turned up early last year. I got the package and was like WTF is this?!? Oh Yeah. So 5 years? Although I’m not sure if it counts because they did an update the other day, I might be getting another book. I think I have 1/3. uh so 6 years and counting?
  10. PaganMegan

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Grump has Cher playing. Born in the wagon of a traveling show. I don't know what game he's working on, but that is game working on music.
  11. Green Eyed Monster

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    A - So you are saying that even badly functioning technology is an improvement? B - C - Military Axiom: Payback is a "broccoli" D - The Lido Deck is up that ladder. . About 5 Decks up that ladder. . No, there isn't elevator service. . This is the working part of the boat. GEM
  12. No, took some of the blank bases in sized I haven't bought. Turns out I actually have all of the happy seppuku stamps those were done with so I left them for someone else
  13. Sylverthorne

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    From observation, the only places that remain friendly on the internet are places where the rules are enforced (known .. well, ideally, they're known, but my experiences implies that a lot of skimming happens when the rules come up). So, in a sense, @buglips*the*goblin is correct. I don't like that, but... damnall, he's right. Maybe not about the inevitability of the thing, but ... *sigh* Farcebook is just broken as designed; I wouldn't have a presence there at all if I didn't have a reason to, but even there, I have seen that it IS possible for groups to be friendly /and/ functional... but it means the mods have to be present, focused and active (I have ... four groups, five, if you count the Portal Farcebook group) that are active and functional. The Reaper group is /not one of those groups/. In other news, Seattle Chocolate's 'Moon Rocks' chocolate is quite possibly the most interesting thing I've ever deliberately put in my mouth. I would not quite have imagined the combination of chocolate and pop rocks to be a functional one. If you can find some, GO TRY IT. The label is fraggin' awesome.
  14. Pezler the Polychromatic

    Getting to Know You July 2019

    I've had pretty good luck, but then I'm quite paranoid when it comes to choosing which Kickstarters to back. The longest I've had to wait was 9 extra months for Bones 3, due to the kerfuffling that happened for it. I wasn't worried because Reaper will always deliver, but there were some pretty salty people out there.
  15. While I still am working on the Stygian Barge, I need to also paint up some miniature for which I have more immediate need in the game I run, so I decided to paint the Bones 4 maggotcrown ogre juggernaut since it seems pretty staightforward to paint. I started with his skull.
  16. For sure! Any of those would be great additions in a diorama and they most definitely are large figures! Sorry for the delayed reply. Had a busy weekend!
  17. Jeepnewbie

    Reapercon Sophie 2018

    Still slowly chipping away at her, haven’t painted in the last couple days. Today I settled on the trim color. Trying to pull it all together. Did a bit more highlighting using a different medium. Mixed the color I was using on the purple mixed with Vallejo glaze medium. Started staining her base. I wanted something different than the normal way I base. Since she is going to be a display piece.
  18. paintybeard

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    No, pulling a piston out of the Main Engine for overhaul. (That's the long, tall item on a crane in the middle of the picture.) Working at anchor, about 25 miles off Corpus Christi. 40 centigrade and upper 80's humidity, which is why my camera kept fogging up!
  19. Sylverthorne

    June releases from Bones 4

    One of the advantages of the Twitch-cast is that We Know Where To Find Them. ... on a regular basis, even. And there really isn't anything stopping us from going and flinging emails at them, and literally ambushing them on the Twitch-cast. I'm all for a dozen or so of us going in and, very politely, mind you, saying 'hey, guys, you should take this in hand, it's starting to look bad', or something to that effect. It's hard to argue with a bunch of people who're all being very polite and pleasant.....
  20. Stonebred

    Kobolds from Bones 4

    Thanks folks! I really appreciate all the kind words! I just got back into town late last night and the weekend of gaming was a success!! Our party took care of all these crazy kobolds with style... and my group really loved fighting painted figures. On to the next project! We may just need some Yuanti... er.. cough cough, I mean "Nagendra".
  21. TGP

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Steam cleaning the engine room?
  22. Tortles were brought back as a PDF thing called "The Tortle Package" on DM's Guild. I think it's Adventurer's League legal, but I could be wrong. If I remember correctly, proceeds from its sale go toward a charity. I think it was Extra Life. I've been eyeing those books for my nephew for Christmas, myself.
  23. Unruly

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    If we were still using handwritten paper tickets, I wouldn't have even been attempting to write them. The old written tickets would fall apart when wet. They were no better than notebook paper. Technology is what allows us to write tickets at all when it's raining. Even the traffic tickets used by every cop in the state are basically just cardstock and tear up badly when wet. Which is why they always write them out while sitting in their cruisers. I don't have that luxury. Or it could be like my cousin, who lost his finger because they told him it wasn't broken when it was, it healed wrong, rebreaking it made it worse, and 3 or 4 years later it has to be amputated. A young marine by the name of Eugene Sledge learned about how the military liked to reuse things in WWII in similar fashion. Before the battle of Peleliu, when they were staging on Pavuvu, he was told to scrub out 55 gallon oil drums and not given any supervision about it. The end result was he slacked off and did the bare minimum, as did everyone else who was given that detail. Fast forward a few weeks and they're now on Peleliu, in combat, in the summer, on a tropical island. And now all of their water supplies, delivered in those same 55 gallon drums, are tainted with oil and largely undrinkable. That doesn't look like a boat! Where are the blazers and boat shoes? Where are the bikini-clad supermodels? Where's the champagne fountain?
  24. paintybeard

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    ^^ I knew there MUST be SOME advantage to being as bald as a coot. ^^ It's been a hot and busy day for me:
  25. Valthorn_Illian

    Herbalist from Bones 4

    Better pic.
  26. Green Eyed Monster

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Warships are plumbed different from civilian naval vessels. Naval Officers [line officers] who serve on warships, and Senior NCO Damage control personnel learn the principles of Counter-Flooding, a technique used to keep a damaged vessel from capsizing or going down by either the bow or stern by flooding other spaces to even out the weight distribution from compartments and spaces flooded by damage. It's counter-intuitive but in a combat situation it's sometimes better to risk sinking from too much water evenly distributed than from a lesser amount of water destabilizing the ability of the ship to stay afloat and either get out of an engagement or to stay in the fight while the Damage Control personnel attempt to get the problem under full control. Even in a situation where a ship is sinking it can be advantageous to counter-flood in order to buy time for the ships company to Abandon Ship in good order instead of a panic. GEM
  27. blargney

    Tarrasque time!

    Still got six joints to glue, putty, and pin, but the big guy stands on his own now!
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