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  2. And one more to be finished soon. This is a Bloodweiser Babe from a company-which-I-don't-know. Got her for a good price, so I took her to someday paint her. Then I took part ins this month' painting challenge at the German forum I am in. The topic is "fairytale-like". She's perfect for that. And she's perfect for trying some painting stuff and blending. I took that possibility to once again try out @Corporeas face painting tutorial in combination with doctor fausts painting clinic (not live) and tried some blending. Girl voted strongly against it. I don't know how many hours I spent on cleaning and washing her, but still up to this day - and even though colour's already 6-7 layers strong, I have to soooo carefully paint to not strip her top to bottom just because I do a wet blend. That forced me to paint thicker than I originally intended ... That's so annoying. Next time I'll take a metal figure again ... Anyways - that's how far I am at the moment, but now I am stuck. Two main questions have risen from the grave of my willy-nilly mind. 1st: what's the best way to paint eyebrows for her? I mean - blonde girls still have got dark eyebrows, don't they? So how do I do that rather easily? 2nd: Her mug - it's got a rectangular shape and is slightly shifted due to her pose. How do I highlight and shadow that the best way?
  3. Othikent

    Finished tree of despair

    Nice job on these!
  4. Gadgetman!

    The Hamsters Journey 40 mm by Cartoon Miniatures (ScaleBro)

    Eh, they're Resin minis, and at 40mm scale, so they're not that expensive. (54mm scale often goes for €18 - 22 each)
  5. Since Callie is coming to a close, I have been preparing the Oxidation Beast. I have one in metal also, so I will paint both together. I had some 40mm hollow, round lipped bases that seem like a good fit. I used some styrene model train cobblestone for one, and sculpted dressed stone tiles for the other. I plan for one to use the 5th Edition Monster Manual color scheme (Bones) And the metal one to follow the Pathfinder Bestiary 1 color scheme. It has a red with black stipple color scheme.
  6. rungekutta13

    Mini size question

    How large is the Wereshark metal mini (02890) in terms of height and base size? Can anyone who's worked with this model offer some advice? https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/wereshark/latest/02890
  7. Darcstaar

    Darcstaar vs. BONES 1. Ep 2 Callie

    Added the gems on the bow. Basically the same greens as the tunic. She’s basically done. I just need to finish the basing.
  8. Darcstaar

    Darcstaar vs. BONES 1. Ep 2 Callie

    Gold NMM Triad, then spots of Linen White.
  9. Today
  10. Darcstaar

    Darcstaar vs. BONES 1. Ep 2 Callie

    Working the bow and straps. This is after all 3 components of the Ochre Green Triad.
  11. The second video is up! Color Mixing: Yellow and Black Make Green! I hope people will find it useful and informative. I tried to speak slower in this one, and the background music is quieter. EDIT: Good grief, it's already got three views.
  12. Nunae

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    I do love those. They would work as fey as well, especially the mounted ones. Gna, it's expensive though. Does anyone have a work in progress or showoff link to the miniatures they got in their previous kickstarters?
  13. Brianuk

    Frostgrave female soldiers with guns

    Yeah I think the author made a very deliberate decision that the setting was pre gunpowder. They could be chronomancers but was really shooting for VSF or steam punk.
  14. Brianuk

    Bones 4 darkreach gnomes

    Thanks everyone - they have very defined faces compared to earlier Bones models, and I wanted to make sure they didn't look like bearded halflings or small dwarves. I just did an Army Painter "mutant hue" skin tone, blue wash, then back over with Mutant Hue. I think Reaper does a similar colour.
  15. Darcstaar

    Darcstaar vs. BONES 1. Ep 2 Callie

    Straight Intense Brown.
  16. Kangaroorex

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    in todays world of universal everything, they do make brewers yeast tablets and capsules... all the micronutrients none of the fun On the other hand you might try one of the Belgian brews or some of the stronger goodies out there like Sami-Klaus or Dragons Milk. Depending on what your thoughts about whats wrong with beer, these can solve some of those issues (mine is that most IPA these days taste like i am drinking the liquid strained off of leaf clippings, but that is just me, I have friends who cant get enough. I drink the belgian style because it tends to be sweeter and very malty rather than hoppy.) Tongue set firmly in cheek: Breastfeeding or drinking beer? I have had the comment related to both...
  17. Darcstaar

    Darcstaar vs. BONES 1. Ep 2 Callie

    Working the darker leathers. 1:1 Russet Brown:Intense Brown.
  18. Darsc Zacal

    PaizoCon 2019!

    Not much going on that’s very photogenic. Lots of people in different rooms sitting at a table gaming. Took pics of a couple of rooms. Its lunchtime right now so not very busy. The second pic is the vendor area.
  19. haldir

    PaizoCon 2019!

    I do believe the bones 4 colors have pathfinder wording on some of the bottles. Looks like fun. Someday il make it up to PCon, someday!
  20. Mission 4 "An Icy Welcome" is the first strictly two player map, and it stars my favorite Batman villain, Mr. Freeze. Only two miniatures and I actually finished theses a bit ago, but never put them up because things have gotten a bit busy (in a good way). I was even able to get in some games of Batman! I'm not too familiar with Batman Year Zero (or Batman Zero Year or something), I can't understand how the gloves go with the rest of his outfit. I used my favorite MSP Sample (pinkish/purplish) paint for both figures. It is such a great color. And a crossbow! When does Batman use a crossbow? My favorite Batman enemy since (and because of) Batman: The Animated Series, Mr. Freeze's B:TAS design comes from Mike Mignola, Hellboy creator, and you can tell. The more recent designs don't stray too far. I'm not happy with the gun, but the rest of his body painted up nicely with just a little drybrush work. Super simple.
  21. Inarah

    PaizoCon 2019!

    What else is going on at the con? Can you share pics?
  22. ladystorm

    Pricing for individual minis from wave 4 kickstarter ..

    Help@reaper is for consumers Retailers should direct their inquiries to Adrienne at business@reapermini.com instead of help@reapermini.com
  23. ultrasquid

    The Hamsters Journey 40 mm by Cartoon Miniatures (ScaleBro)

    OK, I'm in for this one. Seems awful expensive compared to what I usually buy, but they're SO cute!.
  24. OneBoot

    PaizoCon 2019!

    Here's the 3 metallics: From left to right: Polished Silver, Brevoy Copper, New Gold, Polished Silver again lol, with a strip each of Solid white and Solid black underneath for comparison. And tilted to show off the shiny: Any other comparison pics will have to wait until I get home (volunteers get to keep the used paint bottles). Aaaand when I went to snap a pic of the front of the bottles, I discovered that yes some of them are just regular MSP or BONES paints, and now I feel silly. The Brevoy copper is the only new Pathfinder metallic we have here, and it's SUPER pretty! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  25. Darsc Zacal

    PaizoCon 2019!

    Yep. Oneboot posted pics of all the bottles earlier in the thread. She’ll paint out some sample swatches of the metallics for you later on. Also yep to the fun. Edit: Turns not all the bottles we thought were Paizo paint are actually Paizo paint. (reading labels is hard)
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