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  2. malefactus

    Cobb the fighter

    I have a FaceBook account & I still can't access it. Why not just post the photo?
  3. malefactus

    The Year of the Goblin, Part VI: Wailin' & Flash

    Now that you mention it, I guess the skeleton is a Big Squiq's. It's being carried by Flash the Goblin. Wailin' is doing his best Shaman shriek to terrorize Cavern intruders. I am happy you like it Rigel. Thanks for the reply. Thanks you, Warlady. I am delighted you like the piece...there is hope for G.W. after all.
  4. ewalt895

    Graveyard Golem - first attempt at weathering

    Updated it with a few drybrush layers and a dark wash on the grave markers
  5. COOL STUFF! I am still not convinced about the Pirate Babes colors, but she is coming along nicely. AND the Big Snake Guy is going to be a center piece mini. GREAT WORK!
  6. Happy Birthday @Stonebred! Hope you have a great day.
  7. Happy Birthday @maxstyles! Hope you have a great day.
  8. paintybeard

    Getting to Know You July 2019

    Any bird. Preferably a raptor, American Swallow-tailed Kite would be perfect. To have the freedom of the skies must be just wonderful. And not needing to wear glasses in order to see well would be very nice too.
  9. DocPiske

    Pinning HeroForge Brass

    Woohoo! Way to think outside the box!
  10. WhiteWulfe

    Getting to Know You July 2019

    A few creatures come to mind, but screw it, I'm going with fox... Either swift, red, or fennec. Or marble. Marble foxes are bloody cute, and since they're a domesticated breed only.....
  11. 72moonglum

    Deus Vult! Militi Christi Bust by Glitterwolf

    Very nicely done Gliterwolf! I hope someday I have the courage to try a bust!
  12. So this is the first time I tried painting freehand on the shield This is the end result of the conversion: And for the conversion part, I didn't like neither this minis pose, nor its weapon choice (pickaxe really???), nor its commie looking (???) sigil on the shield. So I removed the weapon and sanded the shield. I also think that his pose looks a lot more natural as a spear throw than a pickaxe swing.. Also gave him some simple terrain and a quick paint Thanks for looking!
  13. Werkrobotwerk

    Getting to Know You July 2019

    July 17. If you had to trade bodies with something nonhuman what would you choose?
  14. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Resurrecting the Old School Undead

    Steel Legion Drab on the filler. It takes paint quite well. And a hearty slathering of Agrax Earthshade on both dirt and stone.
  15. Today
  16. Unruly

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Sigh. Stupid blue laws. The local grocery store has a good sale on cherries and peaches. I decided I wanted to make brandied cherries and brandied peaches. So I went and bought some. But I couldn't buy the brandy I need. Because they can't sell liquor until after a certain time. Now I'm angry because I'll have to stop at the store before I go to work tonight just to buy brandy...
  17. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Beggars by Dennis Mize

    Thanks Darcstaar, I wanted a pretty blah color scheme. I was kind of thinking about the slave masses on Game of Thrones. Thank you Warlady! Thanks Very much Glitterwolf!
  18. CivilDungeoneer

    My first two finished minis

    @Doug Sundseth Hi Doug - your eyes don't lie! I slapped together a lightbox in my workshop because (reasons that don't matter). I did have to crop in - the square photos are just about 1/5th total pixels of the original shots. It would've been about 30% if I had kept the aspect ratio. I did boost exposure in post. I was using a DSLR and I was using a very narrow f-stop to give me a better depth of field, and something like a 3-second exposure, and it got me close to what I wanted. Next time I hopefully either won't be on a deadline or will have managed my time better so I can get those settings lined up properly - garbage in, garbage out! My smartphone doesn't seem to play nice with depth of field on these little guys - if I'm close enough to get it to focus (even with my setting the focal area), seems like half the figure is too close/far to be in focus. I'll give that link a read, and see what I can rig up for lighting in the manner you describe. I'll incorporate your background suggestion, too. These make logical sense. Thanks for the help and support! What a great bunch of folks around here :)
  19. Lord of the Dish Pit

    Resurrecting the Old School Undead

    Inspirational pics, especially the ground cover.
  20. robbie042

    Minis we would like to see

    Radja with mahout on Elephant
  21. On the topic of gender diversity, I'd also like to see an incubus to go with the two succubi that are already out. I’ve been buying the WizKids giants. Didnt realize they were female until after I bought them and someone here pointed that out to me. I'm pretty sure the frost giant with a beard isn't a lady But some of them are. Sadly, they're too tall to go with the Reaper giants. I like the Reaper Frost, Fire and Hill giants, nice variety to build groups and encounters, but the Hill dudes really need 2-3 ladies. And while I adore Vanja, she could also do with a sister or two to get out of that weird Smurfette situation.
  22. paintybeard

    UR-025 (Games Workshop)

    Handsome, and just the right amount of grime and chipping without going crazy about it.
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