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  2. Lostraven

    First Mini Ever

    Good colour choices, nice paint consistency, neat, clean execution. My tip would be to spend a little time on cleanup/prep to remove mold lines/flash. This is a really great first attempt. Look forward to seeing more from you.
  3. Lostraven

    Reaper Bones - Mushroom King

    Really terrific. The base is awesome.
  4. Lostraven

    Stonegreaves Wight (Dreadmir Campaign)

    Suitably creepy! Love the glowie eyes.
  5. Disciple of Sakura

    GETTING TO KNOW YOU NOVEMBER 2019 Brought to you By Glitterwolf

    Not to get too political, but I'm relatively sure most management groups are part of the Cult of Mammon.
  6. Lostraven

    Bones 4 Skeletal Dragon

    Great job. I really like the way you tied the base in with the brown shades.
  7. Agreed. The reason I was looking for those stories were the mox of items. Between the armories of death, vice, and virtue and arsenal I had just about everything I would need at (presumably) a very good price. Ive looked into various weapon kits (mostly designed for 40k, since it has that bulky steampunk look) but as of now haven't found much that really fits.
  8. Exactly this. Yeah, I'm sort of in the same boat. I'm playing in a 5e campaign, and while it is fun, I'm also kinda bothered by how powerful we are at 4th level.... I was considering offering to run a campaign after this one finished up, but I'm really not too sure anyone is gonna want to play old school.
  9. Disciple of Sakura

    Movies - Recently Watched or Plan to Watch Soon

    T3 was a pretty solid movie overall. I agree it wasn't great, but I really appreciated that the movie had the guts to actually have Judgement Day happen. That was a gutsy move, that should have been a potential throughput for future movies being set in the future Hellscape of post-Judgement Day. Salvation tried to keep it going, but they chickened out of their major plot twist ending, which is a pretty big disappointment. I do remember liking T3 at the time, but the humor really does hurt it overall. I'll have to see if I can find this "Coming Storm" cut.
  10. Or, you could just get one angry turkey
  11. Chaoswolf

    The return of the Old World

    YES!! That bolded part really annoys the bejiminees out of me. There have been a few of their recent boxed games that I thought looked interesting enough to buy. The stupidly high price point meant that I couldn't just grab one on a whim. So, I saved up and went back to the store; they were all gone. I tried to see if the store could order me one and they couldn't because it was already OOP, or their distributors couldn't get any more, or GW made the item online only (Buy it straight from GW), or whatever. ....and I'm starting to talk about pricing, which is going away from the original topic, so I'll stop here. RE: return of the Olde World---I'll wait, and watch, and see what happens.
  12. Today
  13. When I first got this mini I wasn't particularly thrilled with him. The night Goblins that came out at the same time as his lacked the silly charm of their predecessors. When I did the Mushroom base, however, he just seemed a perfect match. I am glad you like the modifications, Glitter...I did a nose job on the Bad Moon as well.
  14. Cicciopiu

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I don't play anymore, there are no players where I live now sooo... but, about the size of the bases or the look of the models: isn't D&D a "Fantasy Role Playing Game"? I mean... Fantasy... Role... Playing... The base is bigger? Well the monster is oversized! Noone ever seen a Wolf-Dragon (or a Dragon-Wolf)? Oh guys, you know what? That crazy wizard succesful hybridized a dragon and a wolf! Maybe was a big wolf, maybe was a small dragon... maybe was some kind of alchemical genetic experiment... does really matter in a Fantasy world?
  15. YronimosW

    Looking for Lovecraft

    True, Lovecraft's original work is in the public domain, but surprisingly little of the body of work that has come to be mainstream Call of Cthulhu content is actually Lovecraft's original work - some of the mainstream CoC content is the work of authors whose work is still under copyright, other content uses a bit of Lovecraft as a starting point but is otherwise entirely the invention of Sandy Petersen, Chaosium, and their scenario and source book writers. I would bet that the majority of what the average gamer and YouTuber think they know about the "Cthulhu Mythos" actually comes from a mix of Chaosium and August Derleth, with very little input from Lovecraft. @Cygnwulf has a great start on a list - I might be able to help fill in most of the blanks for the Bones figures: Great Old Ones: Cthulhu 77194 Bones V Yog-Sothoth (coming soon) ???? Bones IV King of the Jungle "Chaugnar Faugn" (coming soon) ???? Bones IV Nyarlathotep (coming soon) ???? Dagon 77590 Shug-Niggurath 77564 Mashaaf 77375 Goremaw 77579 Deep Ones & Innsmouth Townies: Deep One High priest with a servitor 77520 Deep one warriors 77519 Tiik Baron 77212 Tiik Warrior 77186 Tiik Champion 77187 Creature of Blood Reef 77189 Kelpies 77275 Bones IV Tidal Lurker (coming soon) ???? Bones V Slithe Harpooners, Priestess, etc. (coming soon) ???? Bones V Mermaids (coming soon) ???? Bones V Sirens (coming soon) ???? Bufo and Squogs 44029, 77268, 77269 Bones V Sons of Barty (coming soon) ???? Bathalian 77020 Eregris Darkfathom 77215 Dreadmere Townsfolk, Fishwife & Crone 44033 Dreadmere Fishmongers 44035 Women of Dreadmere 44036 Dreadmere Mercenaries 44016 Dreadmere Wight 44022 Bones V Shark Butcher (coming soon) ???? Ghouls: Bones V Charnal Pit of the Ghoul Queen (coming soon) ???? Bones V modern zombies (coming soon) ???? Bones IV "Horror" ghouls (coming soon) ???? Bones IV Mummy Queen "Queen Nitocris" (coming soon) ???? Ghoul Queen 77175 Ghast 77159 Serpent Men: Bones IV Snake Cultists (coming soon) ???? Bones V female Snake Cultist (coming soon) ???? Snakeman Warrior 77153 Lizard Man 77154, 77155 Cultists: Cultists 77517, 77518 Cultists and Magic Circle 77351 Other: Faceless Horror "Shoggoth" 77114 Shoggoth 77115 Bones V Shoggoth (coming soon) ???? Bones V "Men of Leng" - Satyr & Faun (coming soon) ???? Bones V Night Gaunt (coming soon) ???? Mi-Go 77522 Brain-in-a-Jar 77493 Eldritch Demon "Spawn of Cthulhu" 77113 Dark Young 77516 Bones IV Giant Albino Penguins (coming soon) ???? Gug 77524 Miscellaneous Aberrations: Bones V Fathom Tyrant (coming soon) ???? Bones V Giant Jellyfish (coming soon) ???? Bones IV brain-horror (coming soon) ???? Rockmaw 44039 Shadow Tentacles 77367 Filth Beast 77394 Goroloth 77343 Bones V Goroloth resculpt (coming soon) ???? Charnal Grub 77226 Stone Lurker 77227 Stone Lurker 44049 Desert Thing 91008 Eye Beast 77043 Killer Fungi 44043 Carnivorous Pudding 44062 Translucent Slimes 77306 Dark Watcher 44044 Deros 77332, 77331, 77330 Cthon 77228 Bones IV Giant Maggots (coming soon) ???? Bones IV Crabman (coming soon) ???? Bones IV Zombie Shark (coming soon) ???? Bones IV Thrasher Snail (coming soon) ???? Bones V mini-Mashaaf (coming soon) ???? Undead Gunslinger 91005 People of the Dawnlands 44077 Black Bear Tribe cavemen 44086 Razormouth 44026 Terrorfish 44027 Gulper 44038 Bones V "Dark Depths" fish (coming soon) ???? Kraken 77291 Giant Leeches 44031 Squarg 49003 Grave Wailer 77521 Death Star Lilies 77504 Vegepygmies "Tcho-Tchos" 77513 Yetis 77433, 77435, 77436 Bones V Yeti Encounter at Mandupar Pass (coming soon) ???? Hordelings (including mini-Cthulhu) 77335 Avatar of Thoth 77339 Lemures 77326 Fly Demon 77259 Mind Eater 77229 Gelatinous Cube 77305 Oxydation Beast 77032 Great Worm 77006 Scenic items: Bones IV Mystic Portal (coming soon) ???? Sacrificial Altar 77630 Altar to Dagon 77624 Great Obelisk of Cthulhu 77525 Cthulhu Shrine 77523 Camel with Pack 80075 Pack Donkey 77402 Fertility Idol 44093 Bones V Brinewind Extras (coming soon) ???? Fishing boat 44032 Bones V Pirate Ship (coming soon) ???? Mystic Circle 77556 Coffin and Corpse 77633 Obsidian Crypt 77637 Highlands Familiar & Menhir 77390 Stalagmites 77398 Fungi 44045 Bookshelf 77318 Investigators: Ship hand 80063 Ship captain 80064 Physician 80065 Psychologist 80066 Professor 80073 Pulp Investigator 80067 Victorian Heroine 80069 Pulp Pilot 80070 Three Victorians 80068 Hillbilly 80071 Antarctic Explorer 80072 Jack Ryan 80074 Ellen Stone 80003 Agatha Fox 80026 Nightslip, Superheroine 80027 Sister Maria 80028 Sam Ayers, pulp wizard investigator 80030 Frank Buck, Adventure Archaeologist 80033 Deadeye Slim 80002 The Black Mist, pulp hero 80007 Rex, Dark Future Hero 80009 Berkeley, Zombie Hunter 80022 Horace "Action" Jackson 80023 Deputy Wayne 80024 Bonnie, modern heroine 80025 Texas Ranger, male 91003 Texas Ranger, female 91004 Stone, Gunslinger 91001 Deadlands Noir, Stone 91009 Deadlands Noir, Houngan 91010 Deadlands Noir, Femme Fatale 91011 Deadlands Noir, Occult Detective 91013 Deadlands Noir, Grifter 91014 And that's just the more obvious stuff. Lots of fantasy stuff that might easily be overlooked is useful for pulp/Cthulhu, such as: Any gothic horror stuff is useful (vampires, liches, ghouls, werewolves, mummies, ghosts, zombies, witches, etc.) Lovecraft certainly did write about these, sometimes in unique enough ways that it's easy to forget that they are "only" vampires, werewolves, etc. - see, for example, "The Shunned House", "Entombed with the Pharaohs", "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward", "The Thing on the Doorstep", "The Dreams in the Witch House", "The Mound"...; the Pulps loved undead of all kinds, especially undead sorcerers, wizards, culists, liches, mummies, and vampires.... Giant Spiders, Scorpions, Crabs, Centipedes, etc. are quite appropriate to the Weird fiction genre; Lovecraft's friend and fellow "Mythos" writer Robert E. "Conan the Barbarian" Howard seems to have had a phobia of giant snakes, a theme he returned to numerous times.... gorilla-men and ape-men (along with some unfortunate implications, so use with care) were a favorite theme of many pulp writers, including Lovecraft the weird, mummified, dwarfen alligator-seal-things under "The Nameless City"? They're basically fantasy Kobolds! the abominable Tcho-Tcho people are, basically your familiar fantasy orcs and goblins in spirit.... Lovecraft had effectively retconned his fantasy/horror monsters/"gods" into technologically-advanced aliens in his later years of life; any of the Chronoscope aliens could conceivably fit the Cthulhu Mythos (the related Delta Green setting associates grey aliens, for example, with Lovecraft's Mi-Go!) Bones Flesh Golems (77512, 77169), Clay Golems (77170), etc. make splendid quasi-human, hybrid mutants. The weirder devils, demons and elementals can be readily adapted into Lovecraftian monsters (translucent Bones water or fire elementals, for example, can be used as Colours Out of Space, Fire Vampires, etc.)
  16. Bane Of Humanity

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    because I NEED a Succubi army for my brothel damn it!
  17. Even if I were to fire birds through the slingshot, their uneven weight distribution, light weight and ability to move themselves in mid air would destroy anything resembling accurate ballistics. Impossible to find a zero, let alone account for windage, and tumbling would be a problem if they even made it to the target. Not to mention lack of penetration or fragmenting capablities. Velocity would also be an issue because they'd have to be hitting somewhere around 2700 fps to have any effect on a hog and the wrist rocket ain't getting anywhere close to that. Especially if the green pigs you mentioned are full size. Those require a .308, not a small bird. Which is not to say that small birds cannot be used for home defense. The way to go about it is to train them to control their fear of larger creatures, ensure the target gets covered in birdseed, (suet if you're feeling mean 'cause that also draws raccoons), and also have them trained to go for the eyes first. The strength of this is in the sheer number of birds attacking, not the lethality of the individual bird.
  18. Glitterwolf

    Reaper Radio

  19. Glitterwolf

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Since I only paint for fun and display the size doesn't affect me. If you like the models and think they'e too big for a game, why don't you paint them as statues or idols? It could make a great setting.
  20. That goblin is a perfect example of how cool the older GW sculpts were, the character oozes silly and evil t the same time. It's what a lot of the newer stuff lacks. The latest ones with that Shroom Troll and such are better again. The addition of the shrooms and the removal of the squig enhance this guy!
  21. Glitterwolf

    Breast Caner Awareness Pink Uses?

    I also did this years ago. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60449-02967-alastriel-elf-sorceress/?hl=alastriel
  22. Glitterwolf

    Bones 4 Skeletal Dragon

    That's just awesome! Love that Bone Colour, it makes me regret not getting it!
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