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  2. Garbosch

    Lorna The Huntress - REA02476

    She looks beautiful. Her skin is smooth, the hair is mostly perfect, the gem shines bright and the NMM pop's out. What else will you do to her? For me she looks finish. But i know you are a perfectionist and i think you'll paint hours on her still she is perfect for you
  3. SisterMaryNapalm

    Deus Vult! Militi Christi Bust by Glitterwolf

    How shocking! Yeah, I know that kind of mishap all too well. I had those problems regularly back in the days, especially with miniatures I just had finished. But well - as long as the damage is minimal, that's alright.
  4. Garbosch

    Deus Vult! Militi Christi Bust by Glitterwolf

    Oh what a mishap I've noticed the longer a miniature is standing at my desk, the higher the risk to fall from then. More then one project is therefore terminated. Because my motivation is also fallen from the desk with the miniature But good to see that you've all under control and can go back to painting
  5. BlazingTornado

    Colonel Kane' PbP

    You say that, yet it's the first game we've been in together yet it's only the latest out of all the PbP games I've joined that never made it past level 1. Hell even every proper D&D game I've been a player in just fizzled out before a year went by without ever reaching a narrative conclusion.
  6. Glitterwolf

    Deus Vult! Militi Christi Bust by Glitterwolf

    Right! Had a little mishap and knocked the Crusader over, no big deal, only he got loose from his plinth. SO spent the last 15 minutes cleaning, inserting a screw and then sawing the head of that screw off , then insert that end into the plinth. Added a drop of superglue. When set I will make a little putty ring, It won't be visible unless you look under the bust. A little paint came off from the cape. Will redo that later. No painting on this guy now, fist let the glue and all dry. At least our veteran of the Crusades is standing firm on his plinth again!
  7. perfectsix

    Realm of the Dragon Kickstarter is lIve

    only 12 days left to pledge
  8. SisterMaryNapalm

    03810:- Bregan the Valkyrie

    Nice work, aku. I love how she turned out!
  9. SisterMaryNapalm

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut

    Well, even Howl''s Moving Castle somewhen started as a small hut.
  10. Today
  11. Gadgetman!

    Highlighting Nightmare / Noir Black

    Not certain about Noir Black, but for Nightmare black, I think I'd use a dark Purple as the first highlight.
  12. aku-chan

    Dr. Helen Matronic - Field Medic

    Thanks for the 'Likes' and comments!
  13. Glitterwolf

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    The Netherlands won the Eurovision Songfestival! I can assure you there was no bribery or intimidation from WOOF's part.
  14. Arkady

    Colonel Kane' PbP

    A shame. You should probably just blame me. Seems like every game I join falls apart or never quite happens to begin with, so I'm clearly jinxed. That side, to twist Pratchett, may you soon find yourself living in slightly less interesting times
  15. Glitterwolf

    Nolzur's Shambling Mound

    Great job!
  16. Glitterwolf

    SUPERHEROES! 02496, Swamp Shambler

    Hey! My salad ran away! Good job!
  17. Glitterwolf

    APES OF WRATH: 80001, Ape-X and 50214, Orangutango

    Cool Simians!
  18. Glitterwolf

    Reaper Bones 4 Six Wraiths

    Very cool!
  19. Cicciopiu

    Lorna The Huntress - REA02476

    Hello Yvonne, first of all I don't think this mini may be considered "nude" and break the forum rules, as every revealing part of the body is covered And if you think that you start messy, don't know what do you consider a clean start Anyway she looks already perfect to me, so I do not really understand how she's at wip lvl, but for the raw base. The NMMs already sell, the skin looks wonderful, the hairs look black to my eye, even if you have put so many hi-lights... when I try it always turn blue, or brown... The only idea that comes out to me, as she show so much skin, is to add some war tattoos in some tactical spots, just to add some variance Finally, she already looks amazing!
  20. Sirithiliel

    Pokemon Go

    They do, but it is the implications of this that bother me. If they’re willing to start locking pokemon evolutions behind the store, it is just a matter of time before they put more and more behind it to make more money It is annoying enough to have region exclusives and event-only pokemon that I will never get, annoying enough legendary Pokémon are pretty much impossible for me since they A) require a giant group of people to beat and B) have such an absurdly low catch rate I gave up even trying because it was such a waste of time when they run away 15 raids in a row, but now I have to either pay real money or get lucky to find a blue gym in my red-dominated town or spend real money? The game has gone from one I can enjoy alone to one where I am constantly finding myself excluded from the goal of the game ‘catch them all’, due to lack of people thay I know that play to get legendaries, a inability to travel internationally to get event only and exclusive Pokémon, and now a unwillingness to fork over money and support this awful practice and encourage them to lock more things to the store i think it is best if I just dump the game and walk away, it has been more than a year since I actually had any fun in it. Really I stopped having fun once gen 2 came out
  21. EvilJames

    Gencon 2019

    Putting my wishlist together, there does not appear to be any speed paints this year. Dont know if they're just late or if they just aren't happening. Hope they're just late and get put up soon.
  22. I have to think about those. These are crude sculpts, nothing fancy. I will think about this as well. I'm going to use the UV resin which is also supposed to leave no mark when it is poured upon another layer. Will experiment!
  23. Glitterwolf

    Lorna The Huntress - REA02476

    She looks awesome!
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