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  2. klarg1

    Bones 4 Core Rate Ogre

    Very nice! Our of curiosity, what size base did you mount it on? I'm trying to get a feeling for scale and possible compatibility with various games.
  3. Rigel

    Maledrakh's 77096 Labella DeMornay, Banshee

    Good advice re: the matte undercoat, and those eyes are great!
  4. Adrift

    Bones 4 Core Rate Ogre

    Rat Ogre...I love it
  5. Rigel

    King Cobra

    I think the "awakening statue" vibe is coming through! You might make the transition area bigger and maybe put more weathering on the still-petrified part toward the tail end if you want to really punch it up.
  6. Rigel

    Maledrakh's 89031 Whispering Tyrant aka Loki

    That is some VERY shiny gold! Great job and I like the conversion. You'll notice he also has an Infinity Vambrace...
  7. Rigel

    Maledrakh's 77447 Werecrocodile

    Great use of varied greens!
  8. Lostraven

    Bones 4 Core Rate Ogre

    This is the Rat Ogre from the Bones 4 Core set (#12). It is a beautiful sculpt and casting. The base is a piece of cork sheet gouged out with the muck made from the bits. The bubbles are drops of super glue. The water is just painted and given a gloss coat.
  9. Looking good. I find it ironic that you're using wooden dowels to pin together a plastic model of being that is essentially supposed to be made of wood.
  10. Green Eyed Monster

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    In this case I think that would be more elegantly phrased as MOWER POWER!!!!! GEM TWINKLE TWINKLE
  11. Corsair

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    Good deal! Welcome to the ........ umm, waitaminit.........what do we call this? Masochism? NO NO, Ranks of the Quisitors! That's right......
  12. Rigel

    Couple of Bones 4 Speedpaints

    That is one smug wizard, but tbh I would be smug too if I had a dragon buddy.
  13. Rigel

    02780 Water Elemental by J. VanSchaik

    Good colors; don't be afraid to gloss it up for that wet look!
  14. Werkrobotwerk

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    I could do july
  15. Sets that I would expect to see up for sale once they are ready will be the Core and the Expansions, any thing else will be retail release. An add-on, for example those skeletal monsters referenced above, would be sold individually retail, not as a grouping. This statement is based on past experience from previous projects as a former employee not based on current information loop.
  16. kristof65

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I spent the last two weeks dreading a credit card merchant setup I had to do today for a customer. Everything about the agent I was dealing with was giving me red flags that I was going to have problems, because the platform they wanted to use gives a lot of agents problems getting set up right for the equipment I work on. And guess what? I was wrong. Not just wrong, but like he got it right first try, where as even most good agents take a second try to get it right. In other news, I'm happy with my son for finally getting off his butt and managing to get his crap ton of missing science assignments turned in.
  17. Darcstaar

    Darcstaar vs. BONES 1. Ep 2 Callie

    Here I have glazed over all the green with a very dilute mix of Glaze Medium, Matte Additive, and mainly water with a little Grass Green. This was about 3 applications. I like how it stays bright but toned down the glaring nature and chalkiness of the prior post.
  18. eldamir

    King Cobra

    It's a Snek!! Because he came pre-glued and sat on my desk staring at me for a week, he became my first Bones IV miniature .. I tried for an 'awakening statue' feel, but am not sure that I pulled it off to my satisfaction, but either way, fun to paint. Painting this guy, I had the wild idea for a diorama that will never see the light of day.. A pair of these fellows at the top of a grand staircase tomb entrance.. but the second one (and this is why it'll never happen) is bent and twisting towards the adventurers that have just passed between the two snake guardians.. Unfortunately, I have no friends with mad wood carving / 3-d modeling / sculpting talents :)
  19. Sanael

    What's on TV?

    To be fair, that's pretty true to what I've read of the source material. The original run, anyway. I haven't read any of the recent reboot. Can't speak to the show, yet.
  20. Rigel

    77503: Temple dragon x3

    That fiery tail on Cabbage! Magnificent.
  21. haldir

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Initial viewing: Other then the stall that was behind the rest, everything is straight. That stall's front is a little bent inward but it's nothing to serious. Overall I have to admit I wouldn't have bought this for retail price thou. Allot more hobby things I could spend 60 bucks on, but it is a nice set thou, & the villagers do have some nice poses. All are human, unless you wanna say some are near human shaped. Typical Unpainted line sculpts. I really like the thief, he'll get some use in tonight's AL game. As noted there are a few figures that have been already released. Other then I need a couple more bandits for tonight's game, I wish they would have made newer sculpts, maybe even made those non-human sculpts. I find it odd, the hunchback in his own pack includes a torture rack, but here he doesn't have it. As I said in anther post, the forge coals are a clear plastic that you paint whatever color you want. Battery is removable. Package is the same size as their other sets (bar set, library, etc).
  22. MedusaMiniatures

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    Here's a brighter version of the painted fighter, I don't know if this is better or worse than the previous one...
  23. Clearman

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    This is an interesting thought. I don't remember rewards trickling like this on previous campaigns, so I wonder if something changed. Though to be honest, I usually tune out once I have received my shipment.
  24. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Heck, my former girlfriend had pictures of her goat in the tree - if the branches are low enough and far enough apart, they can climb trees. Once you let a goat into your heart... they will try to eat it. The Auld Grump - Pratchett described goats as 'sheep with brains'.
  25. This will entail a lot more work, but I am afraid it might be the only way to get a result that will satisfy you. Cut a piece of styrene or other base material to an oval shape, glue it to the current base and then extend the diorama "footprint" to the distance you want the water to cover. Either that or just pour the water to under the existing overhang.
  26. Rigel

    02885 - Khalith, Mummy Lord 2.0

    Now that's looking spectacular!
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