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  2. Probably late to the game, but how complicated do you want the ships? If you had some sketches I could probably bang out a couple for you to get printed.
  3. Glitterwolf

    Armies of "O"s - Teams #2, #3, & #4

    I like the skintone!
  4. redambrosia

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Hey! You never know. She was holding her head up for a few seconds the day she was born. According to the doctor that was weird. I have a weird baby
  5. Thanks! I actually painted green stripes first, and then added the orange. I think I will repaint those like you said with white and then add the orange. The corals will become brighter, it's just shadow now, the seacucumber will stay brownish though. I do have one in orange and I was planning to add white dots to that one. The base is not done yet, only the Dragon is done now. I will also add seaweed to it. I appreciate the suggestions!
  6. I promised photos of the Bones haul from last week's blind auction/estate sale. I have some preview pics: Two core sets, one still sealed. Two of expansion set #1, both still sealed. One of expansion #2, still sealed. Dragons Don't Share. Khanjira was also part of this lot but I gave him to a friend who's helping us move. And all the bags I haven't inventoried yet but what may very well be every or nearly every add-on available in Bones 2. I know I saw 3 dragons, many mouselings, some demons, a Great Mother worm, 2 gelatinous cubes, some giants, elementals, and a gigantic spider. If I don't buy minis for a while... I have an excuse.
  7. Glitterwolf

    Of Blacktooths and Thunderfoots

    OMG! He's awesome!
  8. Glitterwolf

    Speed paints for days!

    Nice, those translucents are very cool!
  9. Yes I had, see thread about it here. That said I never had problems with paint on varnishes (I use liquitex). So if you are in possession of an airbrush that might be an option.
  10. I just saw Sonnenallee, a 1999 German comedy set before the fall of the Berlin Wall. On a tiny, incredibly bleak and shabby street right up against the Berlin Wall, a high school boy falls in love, dreams of being a Western style rock musician, and deals with the secret police, constant surveillance, smugglers, death and the betrayal of friends. A laff riot, you might say.
  11. vutpakdi

    Forumite Classes, 2019

    I've got my two Beginner classes again: Step by Step Beginner Miniature Painting (Thursday, 10 AM) Type: Painting Level: Beginner Format: Hands-on Synopsis: So, you’ve found the perfect mini for your PC, and you want to paint it. What are the basic steps of miniature painting so that you can turn out a good tabletop quality mini? In this step by step beginner miniature painting class- students will paint the same miniature at the same time using basic beginner techniques including drybrushing and using washes. A Beginning Painter's Toolkit (Friday, 10 AM) Type: Painting Level: Beginner Format: Hands-on Synopsis: So you found a mini that you want to paint? What do you need besides a brush and paint? What would be helpful? We'll talk about tools for beginning painters including files, primer, brushes, palettes, paint, and varnish. Hands on portions of the class include brush on priming, putting on a base coat, and then making washes with matte medium.
  12. Sirithiliel

    77503: Temple dragon x3

    Adding three more. these are going to be my demonstration models for my class at ReaperCon, which is going to be about how to paint dragons, and ways to spice up the colors for a traditional dragon or go out of the box entirely One is painted in the 'classic' way of painting a dragon, that is with one solid color for the body, and different colors for the wing membranes and spikes. A look at google or reaper store painted images will show you plenty of dragons painted this way. Second is my way of painting a dragon, which incorporates several shades of color for the body to provide more visual interest. While this does provide more work in having to shade / highlight in different colors, i think the effect is more interesting than the classic way (and judging by the usual feedback on my dragons and the request for me to teach a class, i think others think so too) Third is a 'out of the box' dragon (which is Cabbage), showing how you can do a non-D&D dragon using color combos, and having patterns, or face masks, or 'socks' on the limbs, etc. i kind of think i should have a fourth, showing how you can use a real-life inspiration to paint a dragon, but i'll think about it Lots of pics
  13. Sirithiliel

    Of Blacktooths and Thunderfoots

    More work on him, re did the spots again.
  14. Sylverthorne

    28mm Hard Plastic Fauns

    If you did do goattaurs... I suspect a lot of people who play Planescape will want definitely-not-bariaur. ^^;
  15. Today
  16. Fire_Eyes

    Speed paints for days!

    Another batch of speed paints! Translucent Death Shroud: Merrow: Translucent Labella Demornay: Bones 4 slime: Flesh golem:
  17. NebulousMissy

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Last night was odd. I play an elf. There was a time vortex. Everyone else had shorter lifespans than I. Guess who went. Turns out it's a time prison. The guy and I had a nice conversation about his former master, the lich we killed last game. Still hadn't found the phylactery. In conversation I got the neat little tidbits of ten thousand year old medical myths that let me find the thing (technically we'd already found it, we just knew it as a crystal heart that kept trying to usurp my body for a new host). And then I walked out. There's a reason they sent the elf. I walked in 150 years old, pretty standard for an elf who's seen some broccoli. I walk out barely older than 100 with the worry that nobody's going to take me seriously anymore because I'm "only 100". Then there was the Wish. The lich was a servant of Abraxas in life and spurned his patron in favor of undeath. This made Abraxas mad enough that he contacted up through a planar well or whatever that bottomless abyss of wind and evil was. He demanded the lich's head and heart, in exchange he'd offer us a Wish. I was skeptical, this is Abraxas, but the others took it at face value since we were going to kill the lich anyway. We kill the lich, I have the telltale heart phylactery in my hand, it's still trying to crawl into my chest, and we chuck it and the severed lich head into the planar well. And the other players start debating over the Wish. We only get one as the whole party, it needs to be good. A generic +1 to an ability score isn't going to cut it. I suggest power, magic items, money, the standards. Someone suggests we try to destroy an evil artifact we have. I point out if the gods could destroy this evil artifact they would have already given we know they already tried. Then the cavalier gets an idea. I stay out of this idea. The cavalier and the druid want their animal friends (mount, attack cat) Awakened. Third guy at the table is all for this. It is a ridiculous idea. I have seen worse. And our GM knows this because she turns to me. "Hey you have players who come up with ridiculous ideas, what would you do about this?" Never mind she is one of my usual players So I hash out a thing that lets the animals Awaken but doesn't disqualify them from being animal companions and doesn't overpower them. Also they can no longer talk to animals of their own kind anymore. I'm waiting for the wolf mount to panic when local dogs try to sniff his butt. And the attack cat is writing love poetry to someone's cohort. We are 2 or 3 sessions away from the end of the campaign. The ridiculousness won't last much longer. Then new ridiculousness can begin...
  18. Doug Sundseth

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I'm in the process of setting up again after yesterday's CMPA paint day. When that's done, I'll check in as well.
  19. SisterMaryNapalm

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Will I be able to recognize you after that?
  20. Highlander

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    Once again, I'll be up in the mountains of Colorado the first week of June. So, I'll have to monitor the situation and try to be somewhere where I can get access to register. HST, each time I've been in this situation, actual class registration didn't happen until a couple of weeks after I returned.
  21. buglips*the*goblin

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I'll join you in a few minutes. I'm going to try and take off my hobo beard first.
  22. EvilJames

    Gencon 2019

    Still no speed paints, but I got into the classes I wanted, but failed to get into the PFS Special this year. It filled up very fast. I should have put both Easy mode and Hard mode (not what they actually called them) in my wish list. "Easy" mode filled up first. Also the Kobolds ate my baby Fury Road game sold out well before my queue got below 3000. No frostgrave or Ghost Archipeligo games so far this Gencon either which is odd since they sold out last year.
  23. Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary fame has hit on a couple of financial speedbumps, so he's selling off some original art, a couple of prototype 'Handbrain' GM screens and stuff. (on evilbay) Lots of discounts in the store, too. (If you search you can even find a Schlock mini in there... ) I just filled out my comic book collection a little bit... Well, maybe more than a little bit... (and most of it was NOT discounted. )
  24. Dilvish the Deliverer

    ReaperCon 2019 Ribbons

    Yes. This. Also, feel free to approach me and I I will have no problem intorducing you to some of the regulars. You will know me by my red "Nerd Vest" covered with pins and patches.
  25. BlazingTornado

    Colonel Kane' PbP

    So did one of the two Pathfinder games I ended up joining. As well as two Roll20 games a number of years ago.
  26. SisterMaryNapalm

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I am now at the hangout. Join me if you like!
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