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  2. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Devil May Cry boardgame by Steamforged Games, Kickstarter

    (they've had a £5 million investment from a local business development fund so even if they had misjudged their funding they'll have the moneyto finish it off the previous projects now)
  3. I could use that next time the party meets Drake at the bath house. It will be the first time they see him in full blue dragon form. Sounds boring and useful! Since the Bones weapons sprues can't be sold as is, I would like to see them remade and put into circulation!
  4. Pineapple

    Bones 4 Core Rate Ogre

    Beautifully done!
  5. Finally had a chance to sort through the @pcktlnt box that came through @Mutilatedlips. Fun stuff - lots of metal, so it weighed a ton! Here is what I took: * 4 older metal Grenadier horses, probably for my granddaughter to paint * Pathfinder Amiri - I'm painting one for one of my grandsons, so this is a replacement for me * Pathfinder Lini * 5 Necromunda bases. You can never have too many bases, right? And these are very cool. * 1 armored wolf of some sort. Not sure who made him, but he can hang out with my Rackham Wolfen. * 1 sprue of weapons. You can never have too many spare weapons, either. * 1 plastic dark elf (Lolth). Don't know who made her either. * 2 Reaper townsfolk children * 1 old Grenadier female. She might have been a fighter, but with scale creep, she's more halfling sized these days. * 3 Oathsword Sensible Shoes female adventurers! I was very excited to find those! And then I added some <redacted> and a couple of <redacted> and 3<redacted> and - well, never mind, it's all <redacted>! ;-) I just need to repack the box and it should go out to @Sanael tomorrow.
  6. The Pathfinders are all done.
  7. PaganMegan

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Hey! You used your Fire! Trying to use his laptop, and feeling guilty every time I look at the screen. The replacement screen came in, but it hasn't been installed yet. In Eberron Grump's character got sneaky, and had Julie's elf necromancer send word about what is going on with the Silver Flame to her government. They found evidence that the "splinter sect" wasn't so splinter, and were planning an actual coupe, as well as broadening their mandate to encompass killing all the undead, including the elven Undying Court. Julie is also letting her government know that the King of Karrnath is a vampire, and a potential ally against the Silver Flame if the faith continues to press their enlarged agenda. The enemy of my enemy. Jon's character is being downright CAUTIOUS, he sees politics as a minefield where the mines move around on him.
  8. Pegazus

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Nah. You’re just trying to apply an old set of requirements to a new product. Old product doesn’t need to be used outside in the wind.
  9. klarg1

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Isn't the weak, reusable adhesive the key defining feature of a post-it? I mean, isn't it's feature-defining semi-stickiness what separates it from tape? ... Bother. Am I male-ing wrong again?
  10. kristof65

    ReaperCon 2019 Ribbons

    Some people would say fewer Buglips in the world is a bonus. But not me, never me. I have some Sky Pirate ribbons left from last year, but sadly , will not be attending this year. I'm considering how to give out some of them "remotely" so I can attend in spirit.
  11. ManvsMini

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    I once killed seven with one blow... oh wait, painting them with blood wasn't what you meant... To completion from an already-partially-painted-point I once did 40. They were a project I resumed after a couple years on the wall of shame. To completion from primer to full paint, I think I have only ever managed a single mini in a day. I'm pretty slow, and while color combos look good in my head, they usually don't end up well in practice. I should really get my Schubert on and do a test paint pic beforehand...
  12. Oh, the snakemanity! Lovely work on some excellent sculpts.
  13. klarg1

    Bones 4 Core Rate Ogre

    Very nice! Our of curiosity, what size base did you mount it on? I'm trying to get a feeling for scale and possible compatibility with various games.
  14. Rigel

    Maledrakh's 77096 Labella DeMornay, Banshee

    Good advice re: the matte undercoat, and those eyes are great!
  15. Adrift

    Bones 4 Core Rate Ogre

    Rat Ogre...I love it
  16. Rigel

    King Cobra

    I think the "awakening statue" vibe is coming through! You might make the transition area bigger and maybe put more weathering on the still-petrified part toward the tail end if you want to really punch it up.
  17. Rigel

    Maledrakh's 89031 Whispering Tyrant aka Loki

    That is some VERY shiny gold! Great job and I like the conversion. You'll notice he also has an Infinity Vambrace...
  18. Rigel

    Maledrakh's 77447 Werecrocodile

    Great use of varied greens!
  19. Lostraven

    Bones 4 Core Rate Ogre

    This is the Rat Ogre from the Bones 4 Core set (#12). It is a beautiful sculpt and casting. The base is a piece of cork sheet gouged out with the muck made from the bits. The bubbles are drops of super glue. The water is just painted and given a gloss coat.
  20. Looking good. I find it ironic that you're using wooden dowels to pin together a plastic model of being that is essentially supposed to be made of wood.
  21. Green Eyed Monster

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    In this case I think that would be more elegantly phrased as MOWER POWER!!!!! GEM TWINKLE TWINKLE
  22. Corsair

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    Good deal! Welcome to the ........ umm, waitaminit.........what do we call this? Masochism? NO NO, Ranks of the Quisitors! That's right......
  23. Rigel

    Couple of Bones 4 Speedpaints

    That is one smug wizard, but tbh I would be smug too if I had a dragon buddy.
  24. Rigel

    02780 Water Elemental by J. VanSchaik

    Good colors; don't be afraid to gloss it up for that wet look!
  25. Werkrobotwerk

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    I could do july
  26. Sets that I would expect to see up for sale once they are ready will be the Core and the Expansions, any thing else will be retail release. An add-on, for example those skeletal monsters referenced above, would be sold individually retail, not as a grouping. This statement is based on past experience from previous projects as a former employee not based on current information loop.
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