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  2. Venun

    Baba Yaga's Hut with custom base

    Thanks for the kind words ^___^ it was great fun seeing it all come together in the end :)
  3. I attended the Fall-In gaming convention in King-of-Prussia PA this past weekend, and ran two games ; the first, Friday night, was a fantasy battle (I posted some photos of the playtest a couple posts above), andSaturday morning I ran a War of the Roses battle. The fantasy battle went great, and was a real nail-biter to the end. The Elves were attempting to repossess a wagon of treasure from a group of Dwarves. Despite a heroic and costly defense by the Dwarven rearguard, the Elves were able to slip their cavalry around and threaten the wagon as it neared the table edge and escape. Though we had to call the game due to time before a clear winner could be determined the general consensus was that the Elves had lost too many troops to get the cart to safety even if they did momentarily get their hands on it.
  4. Venun

    77047 Goldar, Goliath Barbarian

    Thanks! :D I'm so enjoying playing this guy aswell xD
  5. Smokestack

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    the Bones V fan favorites female landsknect! Too bad she’s so far away. I know you aren’t looking for a mini, but Hasslefree also makes 2 versions of a female landsknect that matches that description. the world will be a better place when there is a bones female landsknect in every household...,
  6. nervisfr

    Hill giant conversion (Bones 77314)

    Thank you Glitterwolf. i think he is more aggressive now !
  7. Disciple of Sakura

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    That's been my overall concern as well.
  8. As a AL DM, I follow mostly what's in the adventure but I'll change it if I find something that suits me or the adventure better. A future example is a NPC, that the players are gonna encounter. She is a tax collector that is forced into being the new leader for the town the PCs are in. Book, she suppose to have half-plate & a great-sword. Looking at my stash of minis that is a hard combo to find. About the only Reaper female (that I own anyways) with a greatsword is a barbarian-type & this NPC is far from a barbarian. I decided to go with Dungeon Dwellers, Caerindra Thistlemoor 7012. I like the mini + she has a bit of authority look to her. Simple fix that doesn't change anything about the game. I've changed weapons to match the minis I use as well. I really do this to help ID the minis on my combat pad but also to "variety-up" the creatures the party fights. Not every elf is gonna fight with a longsword or orc has a greataxe. Anymore, I'd rather have a mini too small then too big. I really like the aboleth from 5 & I'll get it but I'm not sure I'll ever use it in a game due to the oversize unless it's a one-off encounter. I'm glad Paizo put a cheap one out in their latest prepaints. Lately I've been over-sizing minis for encounters. I needed a large based vulture & all I had was a prepainted vulture mini (small or medium), so I just placed in the middle of a large base. While it doesn't look as cool as an actual size creature, it works & again my players don't mind. They just wanna play D&D. The minis are a bonus for the game. I use proxies all the time. Good example is for tonight, the party is gonna fight some undead bulls. I'm using the Reaper Brass Bull.
  9. morning all. Well the laptop charger should be here hopefully tomorrow......... scratch that, I just got a notification that says it is out for delivery..... great it will be delivered after I get to work today, with my luck, but that is one day early. I was getting ready to make a post to try to start a new PbP and try to hash out some details with possible players. well looks like I better get on it. That and Laundry...... I hates the laundry, @$#^%$ Laundry gnomes are worthless.... do not employ the buggers. Happy Monday everyone. Jasper get to feeling better, Crowley, more coffee!!!!
  10. Hack Mini Painter

    Scribor Dwarf

    Sweet! I'm a big fan of Scibor's Dwarfs, I just finished my third last week. Hope you have more to come, HMP
  11. Jasper_the_2nd

    Catalyst Game Labs: BattleTech Clan Invasion box set

    Finally decided to look at this. Did they explain why the values don't match? They have Star Colonel at $260 when the pledge was $300. I expect it was explained and I'm just forgetting, but a quick scan of the last few updates doesn't show anything....
  12. i have never even built a diorama, so I can not tear it apart. I have a few planned, but they will die with me I am sure.
  13. haldir

    New releases?

    I spaced off the Vrusk. Hopefully a "not-one" is in the works thou.
  14. lexomatic

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Proxies are used or it would be impossible to play with minis
  15. Doug Sundseth

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    True enough, as far as it goes. My experience with cutting plastic with a Dremel has been mixed at best, though. Even at the lowest speed (usually around 5000 RPM), it's really easy to melt plastic when attempting to cut it. And if the plastic melts, that tends to cause the cutting disk to catch in the mini. If you're lucky, the mini will be thrown across the room. If not, you can find out what a cutting disk feels like on skin. Some people have good results, of course, but its not really all that easy.
  16. lexomatic

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    You would be the first AL DM I've encountered who feels the need to adhere strictly to that. The rules are for what's in n the adventure, not on the table, which is strictly optional. It's perfectly lethal to play without minis, which your view wouldn't support Everyone I've played with uses proxies to represent what is in the module. The disclaimer is given and that's that. A piece of card is used if the base is not correct. Most monsters do not have a mini, so playing with any minis would be near impossible.
  17. Dr Bob

    New releases?

    Loved SF back in the day, and very happy that Reaper is producing those throwbacks too. I saw the Dralasite/Argamite and the Yazirian/Korkosan figs, but I didn't see a Vrusk analog--unless you want to count the Mantis Man Gladiator (which I took for being an ADnD Thri-Kreen). Does anyone know if Reaper or any other figure company ever produced a Sathar(sp?) fig--subterranean worm dudes would be an interesting addition to a fantasy campaign I think. But just rack it up to another "Reaper produces amazeballs miniatures, creating and catering to astonishing and tremendous diversity of niche consumer wants/needs BUT....(insert whiny complaint about how they didn't produce the one incredibly obscure mini that I desperately wanted to fulfill my just newly discovered hole in my soul that I have (not) been searching for since I was born again into whatever game I played as a kid")
  18. Dan d'Lyon

    Deep Madness Second Printing Kickstarter

    I really like the game a lot, but everybody I've played with has been "meh" on it. So I'm probably going to end up selling the entire shebang. Pretty much everything from both campaigns. *sigh*
  19. Dan d'Lyon

    Great Wall Board Game - Awaken Realms

    Going to be an easy pass for me.
  20. Dan d'Lyon

    Catalyst Game Labs: BattleTech Clan Invasion box set

    I'll probably start making my decisions tonight.
  21. Iridil

    A collection of Darksword minis

    Beautiful - my favorite is the blind warrior, but the cloak on the elf archer is a close second. Wonderful use of the palette - wow
  22. Fantastic speed paint - inspirational to my current painting goals - you got them to the table looking great - the purple shades are my favorite.
  23. Highlander


    I know that, somewhere, on the Reaper site there are various tutorials. I know because, from time to time, a post provides a link to a tutorial. What I don't know is how to get to the tutorials directly from the Reaper site. I'd very much appreciate a link or instructions on how to access the whole body of tutorials.
  24. Today
  25. Iridil

    Ziba, Female Efreeti

    Lovely copper armor and the greens are perfect against it. I like the sword hilts and think it works. Agree with more coppery tones to the hair , but she is still lovely! (Better than I can do!)
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