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  2. Very nice. I like the pet and his master. Great contrast overall. I think the sand on the base is a bit coarse. Try chinchilla sand next time, really works for desert environs.
  3. In my experience it plays quite fun. I took it down to my local club and we all were able to relax and enjoy playing it for an evening including players who usually baulk at anything someone got on kickstarter. Those same players even said they'd enjoy playing this one again at some point. Of course we could all tell it was inspired by the Alien franchise but it wasn't trying to hide that so we just enjoyed it. Kind of like watching a B movie that isn't trying to pretend it's something that it's not and is just embracing it's nature. Now one player did get a lucky objective. He was able to just head straight to an escape pod and sit in it for most of the game. We had some hilarious stuff like ... there was a fire in one of the rooms on the ship. The fire began to spread and then the ship's fire station/fire control room caught fire. My crew member needed to walk through a burning room on very low health carrying a fire extinguisher to get to the second burning room which was the fire control station where I could extinguish four burning rooms at once if I managed to put out the flames there (which all involved me needing to survive the first burning room in the first place). I think at some point someone started the ship's self destruct sequence as well. There were also a few jokes about the scientist being in a wheelchair and needing his disabled access ramps to get through doors. There is a lot of running away. There's a difference between cinematic and heroic. Think Alien or Alien 3. Not Aliens (the action movie one that wasn't really much of a horror film). You can fight the aliens but ammunition is limited so you want to be selective about when you fight and when you run away. As you move about the ship you generate noise tokens. These do not represent the sound of your movements. They represent the sounds the aliens are making as they roam the ship. Too much sound in one direction means there's an actual alien coming from that direction. The aliens can also use the vents as well. Alien stats vary as they're constantly changing and evolving. If an alien crawls back into the vents it's simply removed from the board. If you encounter another alien later on it could be the same one or another one entirely. It all depends on the kind of story you want to tell. Which video did you watch? I know some are boring. The Beasts of War gameplay video was quite a funny one. They clearly enjoyed the game for what it was kind of like that whole B movie embracing it's true nature thing I mentioned earlier.
  4. Started Wakfu on Netflix recently. Kind of an odd artistic style but it is based off a video game so that is probably why. The designs are anime, but the color and motion seem a bit different, though not in a bad way. I wound up watching in the original French because the English voices didn't work for me.
  5. Fresh fruit cobbler with vanilla ice cream.
  6. Good point. I'd hate any of my, like 3, transparent spectral green (please!) ships to have cloudy chunks visible throughout...
  7. My wife is one of the lead judges for the water quality portion of our State's science fair. Normally this means going to the fairgrounds expo center on a Saturday and spending the day listening to middle through high school kids give you a presentation on their research. This year, with everything being closed down, the kids are instead doing write ups on their research and then they are being judged on that. I've been reading through some of them so she can get them organized and out to the other judges. I have to tell you, I'm pretty impressed with some of these kids. One 12 year old spent months last summer going out to a beach on Lake Erie every day and collecting the garbage, determining how much there was on any given day, and where it came from (fast food, nearby amusement park, fishing refuse, etc...). She was then able to correlate increases in littering with days when tourism spiked based on local economic data. It looked like she needed a small amount of help on her statistics, but nothing that would invalidate her work. That's not just impressive for a 12 year old, that's impressive for a lot of college kids. Another young lady built a functioning methane digester, buried it deep enough to not have to worry about cold temps in the winter, insulated it with household items, and then used it to help heat a small structure on her family's farm. One of my college advisors received a large grant to do the same (albeit on a bigger scale) and was never able to get it to work right. Some days there are kids that make it so you can't help but have hope for the future.
  8. So, stupid question, but with the plans of a translucent ship wouldn't the connecting points between the pieces be super visible? Looking at other Reaper kits, the tabs to connect pieces with are usually quite large and those would show up as lumbs of weird material density, wouldn't it?
  9. Piping hot Vanilla Custard with a large dollop of Raspberry Ripple ice cream in the middle of it.
  10. Acquired new game room table and eight chairs. **if you are really up on your Reaper paint colors, you may have noticed the walls really are Bloodstain Red**
  11. Don't know if I'll do anything in the next couple of days so might as well report. Actually did a bit of painting this month in between work and killing aliens in X Com 2. Have moved my medieval russians to highest priority because they are 90+% assembled and primed. Have been for years with a few models painted. Earlier this year I finished off 25 axemen. I am 8 shields and bases away from finishing 28 slav/balt javelin men. Painted 7-8 of them ages ago and the rest in April and May. So 1/3 of the army done with a scattering of random minis with paint on them from the other 2/3. Just fast tabletop quality but still feels good to make some progress. If I can keep going I may finish the army this year. Only about 10 years or so since I bought them.
  12. RTB Pro Tips! Last day of the Spirit beast! SKU#44030 started at 11:41 AM. She's answering a question about putties and fillers at the moment. https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures
  13. I am so going to have to try that combination, and soon...
  14. Today
  15. If someone does not beat me to it,I will list both JoRs after work today.
  16. Their adder mage is curled around a staff. Oathsworn has some rather lovely miniatures, that's for sure!
  17. Finished this little project last night! Hope you enjoy :)
  18. My favorite dessert is all of them! Ok..if I HAVE to choose: Panna Cotta. closely followed by a warm piece of Baklava accompanied by Vanilla Ice Cream
  19. Looks cool Venun! I dropped the box off at the post office today, hopefully it will arrive safely in Italy :)
  20. Vanilla Custard. So much better than Ice Cream.
  21. The "sea" around it would show white because of the angle they took the photo. They did not have much of the transparent blue shrink wrap on the model. If you look at he figurehead you can see the white line to the left of the broken gun. Ron extended the shrink wrap to make a more convincing sea. (My theory not from watching the photo being taken.)
  22. I know that this may seem like a given, but just to be on the "safe" side, you guys need to make sure that the factory doesn't pre-glue any of the pieces please!!!
  23. This is where I would say a mocha from Barking Buffalo, but sadly the pandemic forced them to shut down their store... So I'll go with the backup answer that's probably going to be popular - slurpees! (ice cream is good too, but nowhere near the satisfaction of a slurpee)
  24. @WhiteWulfe it came in a lot of pieces to us from being printed, but the final production copy i do not know how many. I can guess. :) all the cannons will come separate, and the portcullis doors, the mast will be there own thing? (probably in two pieces) each of the decks (might be split in half?) not sure, there is still a lot to do! People way smarter than me, when they engineer the molds we will find out!
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