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  2. Glitterwolf

    Happy Birthday Far_Realm

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Glitterwolf

    Happy Birthday Heisler

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Cranky Dog

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    The Spelljammer. The legendary manta shaped living spaceship with a city on its back from the D&D setting of the same name. Hobbit homes. i.e. the partly buried homes of hobbits in the Shire. They just look so amazingly cozy. Anthropomorphized female anything. Artists have a knack of making anything sexy looking, even if it makes no sense (lizards with breasts because... well boobs )
  5. Glitterwolf

    Happy Birthday shammond42

    Happy Birthday!
  6. klarg1


    Nice job with some unique models.
  7. Cicciopiu

    Ouroboros Miniatures: Dragon Masters busts

    Got the same e-mail update, so I think they are fulfilling.
  8. LarsM


    Super Nice!!
  9. Werkrobotwerk

    Ethics of Kickstarter Practices

    CMON's KS practices are annoying. Particularly the inability to seperate out some things that you want from others you don't, and their failure to disclose things like cut off dates for address changes. But the closest thing to unethical I've seen is the way they do exclusives that are overtly designed to be characters and persons they don't have likeness rights for. And even that is boarderline because they will clearly pull them if challenged on it
  10. Xiwo Xerase


    Try a soak in Simple Green or acetone. I know Simple Green will loosen super glue and make it a little rubbery so it comes off easier and acetone will either loosen or dissolve it. I don't know how either would behave for clear epoxy. They should be fine for hot glue. Disclaimer: I know this works for "modern" metal minis (i.e. not completely lead). I don't know how either of these will behave with pure lead minis.
  11. Sylverthorne

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    DRAGONS! ... but you knew I was going to say that. ^^;
  12. mvincent

    Ethics of Kickstarter Practices

    I haven't heard this. Maybe ask those people too their reasoning?
  13. Xiwo Xerase

    #03915 - Thregan Helmsplitter Duskwarden

    First: Don't worry. I believe there is a point in every painted mini where it looks like crap and this is especially true for NMM. So just keep going. So what don't you like about the hammer? Focusing on the head of the hammer: The gradients aren't there. Each face should have a full gradient from near-black to midtone to near-white. (On near horizontal round surfaces, like the rings on the hammer's handle or his shoulder plates, there would be two gradients, one from midtone to near-white and one from midtone to near-black, with the near-white and near-black adjacent to each other.) On the claw end of the hammer, if you put your highlights at the top of each point of the claw end, there should be a shadow at the other end of each point. On the panels next to them (which are almost vertical), you would do the opposite, with the shadow next to the claw tip highlight and the highlight next to the claw tip shadow. Then on the middle panel, the highlight would be next to the shadow of the adjacent panels and the shadow would be next to the highlight of the adjacent panels. I don't see any edge highlighting either, but let's not worry about that yet. (It does look like you've lined between the parts of the hammer. You'll need to do that for his armor too.) One trick for making sure your highlight and shadow placement makes sense is to paint with your base coat and then block in your highest highlights (near-white) and darkest shadows (near-black). It may make your mini look like dazzle camo but your gradient work will hide that soon enough. Four tips I have for edge highlighting are: Use Pure White or a similar, well, pure white. For hard edges (in this case, the squared edge of the hammer head at the end of the shaft), gently use the side of the brush to paint on the highlight. For softer edges, use a brush with a fine point. Keep another brush nearby so you can quickly wet it and use it to remove mistakes (or just thin the line you've painted). (This is really, really important. You don't want to have to redo your gradients again.)
  14. Clearman box has arrived.
  15. Ludo

    The Goblin King is Angry

  16. klarg1

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    This? Right here? It's a key part of my secret plan for world domination. Now who wants a nice, hot cup o' joe?
  17. Kangaroorex

    Happy Birthday Heisler

    Hope you enjoyed your personal tour of the solar system. your next tour is leaving in 3 minutes... Happy birthday!
  18. Kangaroorex

    Happy Birthday Brennor

    Happy birthday!
  19. Kangaroorex

    Happy Birthday Far_Realm

    Happy Birthday!
  20. Kangaroorex

    Happy Birthday shammond42

    Happy Birthday!
  21. Vacaroja


    I picked Nethyrmaul back up yesterday and was hoping to get as close as finished as I could today. But detail painting is proving difficult. So we're focusing on assembling a couple old Grenadier dragons instead. The blue and green dragons from Grenadier's Series 1 Dragon of the Month. My small problem is the old epoxy or hot glue (not sure which), that I put on one of them back when I first got them as a teenager. If anyone knows an easier way of removing it other than just poking and pulling on it with an exacto knife and tweezers, I'm all ears. It took me a good while to remove the small amount from the head/neck connections. What a pain!
  22. Kangaroorex

    Happy Birthday Spacefrog

    Hoppy birthday! Sorry couldn't resist!
  23. Kangaroorex

    Happy Birthday SilenzZzz

    Happy Birthday!
  24. Kangaroorex

    Happy Birthday Mohawkmonkey45

    happy birthday!
  25. Kangaroorex

    Happy Birthday Maredudd

    Happy Birthday! May your big stompy robots stalk many more planetscapes!
  26. Clearman

    Ethics of Kickstarter Practices

    I'm certainly not an expert either, but if the ethics of something are in questions, then there needs to be a distinction between a "right" and "wrong" way. For me, I don't think this particular model has been challenged enough to determine either. The practice is certainly pushing the limits of what the consumer will accept, though. As long as the backer receives the rewards that they in good faith contributed money for, then I think we'll keep seeing the trend of price increases and exclusives and a balance will be found between what a company offers and what the consumer will pay for.
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