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  2. I do both. I use a GPS with Topo maps and track-back, but I always have my orienteering compass and know which way to go to get out of a area before entering. You never know when the tech is going to die on you.
  3. I prefer paper books to e-books but I won't deny the benefit of e-books (or that I've spent a lot of money at DTRPG). I love the feel of writing with fountain pens but I never took the time to develop good handwriting, so the benefits of this are questionable. I find I take better notes with pen and paper than I do with a text editor. However, I also never took the time in school to learn how to properly take notes, so I'm still learning how to do this.
  4. I am very behind on making show offs, but these are my May/June completions so far: May: 1. Frankenstein (1) 2. The bride (1) 3. Scenic base (1) 4. Translucent banshee (1) 5. Dwarf bodyguard (1) 6. Spider (1) 7. Fungoids (2) 8. Serena (1) June: 1. Nagendra (1) May/June: 10/9 YTD: 38/25
  5. For the Non Reaper 40+, bust and diorama category, does the size of the bust matter? I have QUITE a few of those disney princess busts and would love to enter a few of them.
  6. Wacky Wafers. You ‘member. Found some during vacation, and bought three packages. Had one for my lunch dessert. Only, there was a problem. After eating the last one (banana of course), I decided to take a drink. Ya know those “Mentos and a bottle of Coke” videos? I took the human form of it. Right over the work laptop. Luckily, my lip strength and cheek elasticity held up but my sinuses are a little upset. They’ll get over it.
  7. I suspect the Reaper policy is to ensure that folks check on their reservations and don't assume they will be cancelled. Just to be safe.
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  9. Very cool! The alchemist wares are my favorite
  10. Am I the only one who really wants to know what's done with the stuff that comes out of these boxes? Could we make a thread of Free Box Projects or something? I'm just so into what goes on with my past treasures.
  11. Not really, it has moved many times. It has even flipped. But no one knows if those processes happen overnight, or over 1000 years, all it has done while under human observation is shift a few meters per month or maybe per year....
  12. Nice. I just picked up some sharks for our current game. Now I have a reference to paint mine.
  13. I suppose reading physical books. Although I feel the opposite when it comes to comics.
  14. I've been trying to work on my encounters for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Here's a bunch of randomness from that work! Oh, Rats! We have: a Warhammer Quest rat, a Frostgrave Wizards II Rat Familiar, a Reaper Bones Rat Swarm, a Reaper Bones Rat Ogre, a Spawn Rat from Dark Platypus Studios, a Warhammer Skaven Giant Rat, and a Rat Mama 3D print from Crippled God Foundry. Oh, Bats! A Bat Swarm from Reaper Bones. An Infestation of Spiders: A Reaper Bones Cavern Spider, a Reaper Bones Spider Swarm, a man-faced spider that may be from Foundry, and a classic Warhammer Quest giant spider. Flies that are Giant: One of the more unusual encounters in Rangers of Shadow Deep. I picked these up from the 40k Kill Team: Rogue Trader boxed set before there were official models.
  15. I've been waiting to post this until I have enough, but I've just been working on random pieces of scatter terrain in between other projects. Any 3D printed parts are done on my Creality Ender 3. Trees from EC3D . Trees from Dark Realms Barrel, +3 Barrel of Sundering (Warhammer props) Wood bundle, Alchemist's Table and Shelf from Vae Victis, I've honestly forgotten who the other designs were from. "The beacons are lit! Gondor calls for aid!" Beacon Tower from RMPrintables Lounge Chair from Impact! Miniatures, awning from Warhammer, weapon pile from The Hobbit, treasure piles from Reaper Miniatures. Fantasy Objective Tokens by PhysUdo on Thingiverse. Ogre Totem from Warhammer, Town Fountain 3D print from unknown, Alchemist's Wares & Firestick Bundle from Vae Victis, Sandbags by MegaBlox, one tree/odd plant is an old Marauder Giant club and the other is from a Gandalf action figure.
  16. Not really, it has moved many times. It has even flipped.
  17. Well here it is, I think I am pretty much finished with this build. I have a habit of going overboard, and would probably still be pottering away on it few weeks if I didn't stop myself. The final touches included; texturing and painting the wall sections I made a few days ago, adding a few more plants along the perimeter of the wall, adding 'water' to the well and perching the raven on the chimney. I am fairly pleased with the end result, now I just need to paint up a couple of halflings! Anyway, I dug out my lightbox so I could take some decent pictures of the end result.
  18. Envelope is finally all printed on the Rocket Pig airship A. Time to look at the gondola files.....
  19. Fencig

    Orc Warlord

    cool banner, did you freehand that?
  20. Say what? Just how bad are the phones where you live?
  21. While my D&D books are digital via D&D Beyond, I still like face to face interaction of the game table. One reason why I haven't tried to game by Roll20 or other online format. I also like rolling physical dice vs electronic dice.
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