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  2. This Public Service Announcement brought to you by M.E.O.W.
  3. Werkrobotwerk

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    so, how is it?
  4. Inarah

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    The renders are lovely, but I need to see what they look like after casting. They seem to have an awful lot of fine detail and deep recesses. Also curious about assembly.
  5. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    One of the great cruelties of the world is that Isaac Asimov did not live long enough to read Freefall - which explores his Three Laws in very different directions. (With a world where the robots outnumber the humans by hundreds to one.) I think he would have liked it. The Auld Grump I think they are adorable - Megan...not so much. The cats ignored the centipedes completely, as far as I could tell. The Auld Grump
  6. Skallabjorn

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Just a note, some greaves (lower leg armor), especially bronze ones, were made without straps and used a spring-like effect in the metal to hold them in place.
  7. Crowley

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    That's true! What? They were fresh. And unattended... Coffee!! Good but busy weekend. Too much driving, but getting to see my friends was great. Getting to see them get engaged was even better. Its supposed to be almost 90° today. I may die...
  8. Doug Sundseth

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    And your husband didn't wake you up. Good husband. Kangarooing is awesome and good for the baby. When our son was in the NICU, both my wife and I tried to go down to the hospital every day and spend time with our son sleeping on our chests. I was working for Games Quarterly at the time and my schedule was kind of "whenever; make sure you hit the deadline", so I would go down late at night and Cheryl would go down right after she got off work at a more normal time. I'm convinced it helped all of us. Enjoy it while it lasts. It will quickly be replaced by something else, as will that thing. It's an adventure.
  9. Flit

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Taking my doggie to the vet in a bit. Hoping that her issue is minor and easily cured.
  10. Sure thing. Here’s a mech figure I designed, printed, then prepped for ReaperCon 2017. Biggest compliment I got from the judges is that they wouldn’t have known it was 3D printed unless I had the little display next to it.
  11. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    There used to be places that sold them as a form of pest control - they are not territorial, and are perfectly willing to move out when they have finished eating the bugs in the house. Watching them move is fun - but hoo, boy! can they be fast! Locally, they seem to top out at around two inches long (out of a potential three inches.) I used to call them Scurry Cleopatra - a joke few, if any, people ever got. The Auld Grump
  12. vhaidra

    Lorna The Huntress - REA02476

    Yep I know, normally Lorna has no nipples which are to see, but in fact this is wrong, because the one nipple has to be painted, at least if Lorna is a normal human The sculptor didn`t sculpt it, but her top is sculpted in a way that there has to be a nipple. As said at least if Lorna has got a pretty normal anatomy like every other woman. In fact it is only the half of the nipple LOL. So: I painted the lower half of a nipple here, because this is anatomic correct.
  13. Cicciopiu

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    Best comment of 2019 till now
  14. TheAuldGrump

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    There have been times that I could have used a stronger Post-It. An actual attempt at Post-It machismo, or an ironic attempt at machismo? (Remember the Base Boss KS from Reaper - sometimes advertising departments do get irony and sarcasm. Or just plain weird*.) The Auld Grump - only three weeks left in the after school game. * The Old Spice Gentleman class for D&D is definitely high on the list. Talk about a niche target market! Babies do that to you. If your lucky then you can share your sleepless nights. The Auld Grump
  15. Disciple of Sakura

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    Because she's... horny. I'll show myself out...
  16. Weird-O

    Sci-fi rpg papercraft models?

    I don't Facebook, but thanks!
  17. bojesphob

    Bones 4 Dragon Turtle

    Spent what little free time I had over the weekend wrapping up my dragon turtle. Extremely fun piece to paint!
  18. bojesphob

    Roc as Thunderbird

    I really like it! The main reason I didn't get Roc was that I had no idea how I would paint it (I'm terrible with feathers), and seeing yours, that really makes me sad I didn't get it to try. You did a great job!
  19. vhaidra

    Summoning A Dragon bust

    Phew. Now that you have painted this freehand in her face you have complicated things a lot, because osl is painting light.It is the same like pretty normal highlighting but with using a different colour for the light than the white as we use for normal daylight. So first you have to paint the light (highlighting), then you maybe can add freehands. But the best is: Either osl OR freehand. To combine both is something even experianced painter don`t dare. You are even not experianced in painting osl and so I have to tell you that you wanted too much here. So: No I have no idea how you should paint now the light from the flames onto the face because there is no way to blend the osl colours with the skin colours because blending is impossible up from now because you have got painted the freehand already. Consider first what you wish to do: Do you wish a freehand at the face or an osl at the face. I don`t say: Both is not possible. But the right order is important and that is: First painting the osl and after this is completely finished you can add a freehand. It is not possible to paint the freehand first and painting the osl after you painted the freehand because you have to do a lot of layering at the face for to built up the light from the flames there. This is not possible anymore. Either remove the freehand (I don`t recommend this) or give up the idea of an osl here (that is what I recommend). This is anyway a complicated light situation here for a very first osl. Now that you have got painted the freehand let it as it is (looks good by the way, the freehand) and do normal highlighting here. Select another sculpt for your first osl which is not that complicated that you have to paint the osl in the face of the figure. Take a wizard with a flame in his hand for example, this is easier. You did a lot wrong already in the beginning here. For example you painted a dark green shadow at the inside of the hood and in fact there is light!!! Because the light (the osl) is coming directly from the front of her face and so there it can`t be dark. I have no offtime at the moment and I can`t deepen this now. But my suggestion would be paint this bust as best as you can for the moment, do normal highlighting. Ignore the osl here. Look for a sculpt with a more easy osl situation, try it later again and summoning me or better write a pm to me right the moment when you start it, because you have to consider a lot in the beginning when you plan to paint an osl and best is you get a little bit guidance then.
  20. Lidless Eye

    Depths of Savage Atoll - 3D Printable Tabletop Models

    "The Jagged Coast" has been unlocked, including a Sea Hag, Harpies, Crabs, their lairs, shipwrecks, beached whales, and more!
  21. Brianuk

    Reaper Bones 4 Ghost Pirates

    I quite like the transparent minis Reaper do although can be difficult to make the details come through but still make them translucent. I washed these, then did an Army Painter green ink wash. The wood was painted, unprinted, with Vallejo wood grain. Then I drybrushed them (green and brown areas) with Army Painter Toxic Mist. They have a bit of a water effect, with the bare mdf bases painted blue grey then covered in gloss mod podge. I am going to field these with the shipwreck golem I showed earlier. Then use them in GA or other skirmish games.
  22. Werkrobotwerk

    Crabman and the Crablings - Bones 4

    I love it!
  23. odinsgrandson

    Greebo Primal Scales

    I got a few minis from their Alastoran Kickstarter, and I've been super happy with them. I agree that Greebo is currently doing some of the very best fantasy football minis (even though Games Workshop really stepped it up, and Willy are doing some nice things.
  24. Lidless Eye

    Crabman and the Crablings - Bones 4

    Crabman approves.
  25. Lidless Eye

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut

    Thank you. There's something about painting Russian Witches in Reaper's "Denim Blue" that amuses me. All 3 Baba Yagas use the same color. I kept forgetting I had looked up references for chicken feet (I couldn't remember what color their talons were) and kept wondering why there was a Google image page with chicken feet recipes when I'd open Chrome on my phone.
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